What is a white hole exactly?

Certain things in life bear repetition. All the nonsense about Meghan Markle’s family is not one of them. I cannot believe that there are actually people who need to be told the same thing over and over again.

And why on earth is there so much royal wedding coverage? Surely there’s not that much interest. I want to ask who’s fooling who! It all seems to be on one never ending loop.

I mean, really, certain things in life beat repetition. All the nonsense about Meghan Markle’s family is not one of them. I cannot believe that…sorry.

I’m also amazed at just how bad broadcast television has become. It just goes to show you what happens when you have to appeal to the lowest common denominator. I’ve decided that my idea of hell is no longer being surrounded by religious zealots saying “I told you so” but is now being forced to watch channel 7.

Though today Karen told me that Janine sometimes presents infomercials in the morning so I might have to keep an ear vaguely open.

Yes, that’s right, I saw Karen today. She travelled all the way from Sydney just to spend the day. It was wonderful. The torrential rain even stopped long enough for us to go to Gloria Jean’s for a coffee after lunch. Mind you, the rain only arrived in the afternoon because in the morning, it was another glorious day, as this photo of Centrepoint Marketplace clearly shows.

The photo above was taken first thing this morning (well, 9am) when I went into town to buy a mouse and some philips head screwdrivers. The mouse was to replace mum’s old one that died from possible rat poison ingestion. The screwdrivers were to fix the vacuum cleaner. I was very successful with the mouse because it not only worked, it was also red. The screwdrivers…not so lucky, given I couldn’t actually find any.

I also bought some more produce for lunch and dinner.

Back at the house we searched high and low (mostly high because mum’s quite short) for a small black handbag which was rumoured to contain her new bowling club membership card. Eventually we found the bag (it was in the wardrobe in my room) but, apart from a packet of tissues, there was nothing in it.

The whereabouts of the new bowling club membership card is, I fear, probably going to remain a mystery. We did find a few other things which had been thought forever gone but nothing relevant to our cause.

At about midday, with the rain starting to fall and under the watchful, wary gaze of Scary Bob, Karen arrived and her lovely visit began.

It always feels like I haven’t seen her forever but then, shortly after she arrives and we start talking, it’s like we are continuing a conversation we started just the day before. We were discussing the concept of ‘best friends’ later and I reckon that’s a big part.

We did seem to spend a lot of time comparing Netflix titles and swapping favourite programs – interestingly Nigel loves El Ministerio del Tiempo as much as me and I mustn’t forget to tell Denise that it is on Oz Netflix.

Speaking of Denise, she turned up a while before Karen had to leave. We worked out that they hadn’t seen each since the Puppy’s Barbecue at Haslemere back in 2005. I can’t find a record on the blog so will have to check back through my journals when I get home. Though I just know I’ll forget. Maybe I’ll read this entry one day on the future and suddenly realise I have to look for it but it’ll be while I’m on holiday in Sweden and I’ll have do the same thing. And so it goes, as Vonnegut would no doubt say if he could still say.

Sorry, I went a bit mad there but that’s a bit how I feel today. As well as repetitive Markle Mayhem all over the TV, the rain continued to come in waves which ruined the dry blue bits. Where was I? Oh yes, that’s right. Here’s a photo of the roundabout on Minchinton Street.

Karen stayed until 6:30 when her cab came to whisk her away, her visit sadly super short. Actually the taxi driver was very surprised she didn’t have any luggage though he was taking her to the airport. It reminded me of our day in Paris though her trip was longer. I think she’s now thrown down the gauntlet.

For dinner, Denise and I had delicious local lamb chops with assorted veg including broccoli and pak choy while mum had just as delicious local lamb chops, potatoes, cabbage and beans. I told she had to have broccoli given it was her father who forced me to eat it until I started actually liking it but she disagreed. It was freshly picked broccoli spears and was very, very tasty. I’ll finish her bits raw tomorrow.

Eventually and during a short break in the rain, Denise jumped into her car and slowly drove home, texting mum when she arrived safely.

Here’s another, more indicative photo of the works in Bulcock Street. I realised today that they are laying what appears to be water pipes.

I also discovered (on the radio) that there’s a tram museum in Brisbane! Why did I not know?


Today mum was very confused about things and kept repeating herself. There was a letter which she kept misplacing – it had to go to Denise – and the whole handbag search which seemed to go on forever…even after I’d found it. Then she was quite rude about Karen staying till 6:30 but not staying for dinner meaning mum’s dinner was going to be late.

Of all the days so far, today was the worst. I really hope Fi doesn’t come up. It’s completely embarrassing.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    That’s wonderful you managed to see Karen😸and fancy getting a red mouse for your mum 🐭 do you have a matching mat? I remember that big tree 🌳 !!

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