Christian Middle Last

We spent a lovely day in and around Caloundra today. Denise came over and we took mum to see Doctor Mark, she shouted us lunch and Denise took me (and Mum) to the incredibly breezy La Promenade (Mum claimed she was freezing until another customer closed the door).

Before going to the doctor (and to get mum out of the freezing cold cafe) Denise drove us over to her new place. And it is lovely. So new that she’s the first person to ever live in it, it’s cool and spacious and…well, it’s just fantastic.

She lives in an increasingly sizeable area full of half and non-built houses as well as settled and occupied spots. It changes quickly and is continually growing. Denise claims when she goes into work in the morning, there are just loads of empty blocks with a cement mixer. By the time she gets back home 12 hours later (she works long hours) there’s a house. The next morning there’s a removal van parked outside and a new family moving in.

She drove us round to see Mitch and Nathalia’s block but the place had changed so much in the past few hours that she just vaguely pointed at something that didn’t have anything built on it and said it was theirs. It doesn’t matter because the whole place is so amazing that they’ll just fit right in.

Denise’s place has enough room for Kelly, Jaxon AND Maddy to have their own rooms with a lovely big lounge/dining/kitchen. She even has a walk-in pantry.

Speaking of Jaxon and Maddy, I had no idea until tonight that they both have about 14 middle names between them. Apparently it’s to annoy Denise because she didn’t give Kelly one. The only problem is that when Jaxon has to fill in official documents he’ll need an extra piece of A4 paper just for his name. (Maddy will just stare at the form until Jaxon fills it in for her.)

Eventually it was appointment time so we left the house and returned to Caloundra where Denise’s Parking Angel proved her worth yet again. I’m amazed that Denise never fails to find a convenient car space. Seriously, it happens every time. It’s uncanny. It almost makes me believe in something.

I should state that I’d already been up to Caloundra in the morning. I needed to buy some fresh produce and get some cash. I forgot to mention yesterday that someone has removed the Westpac ATM from outside the IGA. This was quite annoying. I’d taken my card out as I walked around the column only to find it…well not there.

After getting cash from Bulcock Street (which is undergoing extensive work at the moment)…

Building work on Bulcock Street

…I went to the greengrocer then the IGA then, finally, the butcher before heading back to the house, arms stretched with much goodness including some Queensland cheese. Who knew there was such a thing? I thought they only made exquisite mangoes, sugar cane and peanuts. But I was wrong. There is also Queensland Cheese.

The cheese factory is called Kenilworth Dairy and it’s decidedly delicious. I bought a Brie and a vintage cheddar. I’ve yet to try the Brie but the cheddar is quite lovely. I have no idea why anyone would buy plastic, American style tasteless cheese when there’s such a brilliant (and local) alternative. They’ve been making it for 60 years so how come I’m just hearing about it now? Apparently it’s Ash’s favourite place to visit. Smart lad is Ash.

Anyway, cheese aside (it really is bloody good), if such a thing is even possible, I also bought some wonderful fresh and local meat from the butcher…I’ll not go on because I’ve heard I can tend towards the boorish. Sorry Mon.

Back at home I unpacked my bounty and we went upon our various trips.

At the doctors (the main reason Denise was coming over) Dr Mark talked to Mum then she was given a flu jab (the reason Mum was there) before we left for a cafe and lunch. It was Mum’s choice even though she isn’t a fussy eater [raised eyebrow emoticon] and it’s where she goes with Lorna quite often.

I had a delicious eggs Benedict and iced latte. Mum and Denise had something which neither of them thought was much chop and included quite a lot of slightly buttered toast…and no chop. It appeared that the toast was shown the label of an empty pat of butter then laid on the plate. It seemed a bit pointless given the bread could have been left on a loaf, uncut and everyone would have been healthier. In fact, Denise refused her 37 slices while Mum ate enough to make her feel happy enough to leave some.

Eventually we headed back to the house where we enjoyed some hot beverages and some chat before Denise went home for a bit of a rest before returning for dinner. Actually she asked what I was cooking first. When I told her chicken stir fry she said she’d be back by 6pm, the Eating Hour around here.

Mum and I then had a bit of a laze around, reading, drinking tea, talking to Tracey on the phone, the usual sort of things until it was time for me to prep. I prepared the chicken, splashed some soy sauce over it to marinate then reached for the oil. I spent the next ten minutes looking for oil. Eventually I told mum I had to pop back up to the IGA for some oil.

So the Eating Hour was extended somewhat. Still, it worked out alright and dinner was enjoyed by everyone except Mum who said there wasn’t enough. This is something all chef’s love to hear. Also, her plate was completely empty she having licked it clean, which is something all chef’s love to see.

It was a lovely meal and such fun having Denise over. There were many laughs and stories, sometimes about Tracey, sometimes not, and we chatted long into the night until Denise realised she was watching the clock that wasn’t showing the correct time and suddenly had to leave because she has work tomorrow.

At one stage we were discussing Denise’s lack of a middle name. I told her she should adopt ‘Middle’ as her middle name. This went to more silliness until we decided that someone should be called Christian Middle Last (because Surname is just too silly) which would drive people mad. Though, as Denise pointed out, perhaps it would be more PC if it was First Middle Surname, which would satisfy lots of different people, including those crazy gender neutral radicals.

She eventually went home in order to preserve enough of her sanity to go to work tomorrow.

Sadly, I only took the one photograph this morning and no film. I must do better!

Then, in a finish to the day as wonderful as the finish to It’s a Wonderful Life, Mirinda and I Skyped before I went to bed. She used her phone (again) and gave me a tour of the garden not long after the gardeners had finished their magic. She started to show me my kitchen but shied away quickly when I started to sob…loudly.

It was the perfect end to my day and I was quickly asleep afterwards.

The weather remains charmingly hot…though mum has started wearing a big thick dressing gown after the sun has gone down. I would melt. Honestly.


Mum is not good mentally. She asks the same questions many times a day. For instance today Tracey rang to say she’d be leaving home on Friday morning and arriving her at lunchtime and confirming we’d be going to dinner on Saturday night. She kept forgetting this and asking me what was happening with Tracey.

She is also a bit suspicious that Denise has been telling me things. Mind you, that’s not new. She has suspected Denise of telling her things about her for years.

She also forgets she’s taken her pills even though they are in a pill dispenser with the days labeled.

And the calendar which Denise (and now me) updates for her with appointments.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Nicktor has a Parking Angel too. Why don’t I?

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