Boldly gone

So, today in Starbucks, one of the regular guys who serve me asked where in Sydney I lived. A little while ago he’d asked where I was from and when I said NSW, he asked if I knew Woolloomooloo. After I smiled and said yes, I went on to tell him about Harry’s Cafe de Wheels and his famous pie floaters. We both agreed the idea of mushy peas in the top of an Aussie pie, served from a grotty caravan could only be a good one if you were pretty drunk. Anyway, today was the first time, since then, that I’ve seen him.

I told him I lived on the North Shore, just over the bridge to which he replied, “Near Neutral Bay?” Of course I said yes, that I once knew Neutral Bay very well to which he said that he’d lived in Neutral Bay for four months and worked at The Oaks.

When I lived in Falcon Street, just the other side of the freeway towards the bridge, I could walk up and over, turn left and there it was, The Oaks. It became quite a regular haunt of mine.

It was quite odd. In fact, another Starbucks person, a rather new one, shrieked with delight and exclaimed what an amazing coincidence it was. Given that I’ve been over here nearly eleven years and this is the first time, of all the people I’ve met, who knew and worked in Neutral Bay, I think it’s amazing it’s taken so long.

Tonight we watched Star Trek (the newest one) and enjoyed it a lot. Except Mirinda thought there was a decided lack of women in it. When I said this was because it led into the original Star Trek, she said they could have changed it, after all, they changed the entire future, what could a little re-alignment hurt. I couldn’t argue with that.

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  1. claire says:


  2. Mum Cook says:

    I agree why do they leave us women out of a lot of things.
    love mum


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