Street Parties

While today was a public holiday, it wasn’t really the beginning of our holiday as we stayed in Canary Wharf and do not leave until tomorrow. We went for a lovely long walk after watching the TV for what felt like an entire wedding.

We walked all around Mill Quay. Although certainly not hot, and with only occasional appearances by dear old Sol, it was still pleasant walking weather. The best thing was the almost complete absence of other people. Apparently they were all on the other side of London.

We did spot some of the inhabitants but they looked a bit like this…

Some sort of gull resting on the marina

There was also a group of around six male ducks chasing one female duck. The males were gradually reduced until only two remained, both wanting the female, who remained aloof and unconcerned throughout the entire rout. The most aggressive one stayed close to her tail as the other chap floated a bit further away, clearly intent on a surprise attack.

He pretended he was very interested in a massive swan that was floating by but this didn’t fool the other duck. He was on the other duck before he realised what had hit him (the aggressive duck’s webbed feet) sending him flying away.

Leaving the ducks to bill and coo and kiss on a balcony, we checked out a few possible river flats for Mirinda to move into next year as we wandered along the remaining part of the Thames Path. This ended at the massive building site near Canary Wharf Pier so we turned right and went for a late lunch.

There were a number of options for lunch/dinner but Mirinda decided we should try the pizza place that was closed last week when we were forced to be largely ignored at Cafe Rouge.

I’m glad we did. Lovely pizza, lovely beer and a great practice run before tomorrow.

Just outside the pizza place is this big statue of two big blokes sitting on a bench. I thought it good enough to blip (I just blipped a head) and even more so to have here in my blog.

Statues outside Gourmet Pizza, Canary Wharf

It’s a bit hard to gauge the size in that photo so I took a shot of my hand on top of one of the statue’s.

Gaz hand on giant hand

After lunch we went to Waitrose to do some linen shopping (the Waitrose at Canary Wharf is full of everything – it’s like Harrods only more reasonably priced…just) for the flat. Mirinda has been waiting for me to be with her so I can carry it all back to the flat. It’s because her arms are too short and the bags are too big.

It was a lovely easy day, just right as a prelude to tomorrow and the start of our multiple train rides.

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  1. mum cook says:

    What do you mean you had a look at flats! I thought you loved the one you have now. It is 3pm Sat here so you wont be to long before you are up and away.
    love mum xx


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