Birthday Carbs

Tonight we took a newly serviced Max down to Winchester. We parked up and then headed for the Chesil Rectory for dinner. This was Mirinda’s choice for her birthday.

Max was in for his three yearly service. He passed with flying colours. While Max didn’t have the lowest mileage for a three year old car, he was in the top 10%. I think the lowest mileage was recorded by a little old lady who reversed her mini out of her drive once a month then just drove it straight back in again.

The dogs also went with Mirinda to Hindhead and had the fun of running around the Devil’s Punchbowl. In Emma’s case that also meant a very stinky FSI. In turn, this meant she had to have a complete bath, something she wasn’t as pleased with as she was the FSI to begin with.

When I reached home after work, I took a few photos of the various tulips that have almost magically appeared in the garden. They really give the garden a renewed look of vibrancy and pleasure.

All the tulips that I planted in the new lavender bed are now vying for the Brightest in the Bed competition.

Especially beautiful are the ones in the raised beds on the terrace.

But it was soon time to head for Winchester. Dinner was the usual excellent fare – we had the taster menu – with an excellent cocktail beforehand and a cheeky little chablis with the meal.

Beetroot and horseradish

It’s only fair to say that a few carbs were consumed.

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  1. mum cook says:

    Once in a while wont hurt your flowers are so lovely what gorgeous colour I know you told me but always better to see one selve. love mum xx

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