Green, green, la la la la

Finally a day with no rain. Okay there was no sunshine but it was dry enough to enable me to accomplish a few outside tasks which needed doing.

Looking a bit grim

The first was putting a few eyes above the porch for the wisteria to hang onto. It was while I was engaged in this task that a frantic Gail asked if I’d seen Rodney. He’d gone off with Corky, Gail’s mum’s Jack Russell. She’d let them both out into her garden and, poof, they’d vanished.

We both checked our garden but they weren’t there. I checked the laundry because that’s usually Rodney’s first port of call but there was nothing but dog biscuits – a sure sign that he’s not been around.

I volunteered to look over the back and put the ladder up next to the back fence, ready to climb it when Gail suddenly yelled from her back door that they’d turned up. That was lucky.

I then put the eyes in and threaded the support cable through them in readiness for Mirinda’s instructions regarding final placement. I now need to get some more eyes (I bought all the stock they had at Homebase) so I can repeat it over the bay window.

It was then onto the terrace with the obelisks. Today was the most unpleasant task of scrubbing the foul green stuff off them prior to painting. Before that though I had to sand down the new tops. That was easy, made particularly so by laying them, one at a time, across the round table on the terrace.

I admit don’t know what the green stuff is – some sort of airborne spores I assume – and it does come off quite easily but removal is pretty messy. The green goes everywhere. I was wearing blue rubber gloves which, by the time I’d finished, were green. My forearms were a particularly virulent shade necessitating a rather earlier than usual shower.

As I was scrubbing away, protective goggles firmly protecting my eyes and causing green tan lines on my face, I wondered where the green stuff goes when there’s no obelisk in the way to stop it. Do we breath it in? Are our nostrils lined in it? Is it on our clothes then washed away? Or does it just lay on the ground, lost and forlorn? I guess I’ll never know.

Anyway, by about 6pm it was all gone from the obelisks and washed off the terrace. Tomorrow, weather permitting, I’ll paint them. The forecast is good so my fingers were tightly crossed which made having a shower quite difficult but I was determined.

Earlier in the day I’d had an email from our real estate agent showing us the online listing for the cottage including photographs and I have to say the place is looking a million times better than when I was over. He also wrote an excellent write up.

I’m not going to include a link (obviously) but here’s a particularly artistic photograph he sent me.

Almost makes me want to buy it myself…

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