Return of the rain

The appearance of the missing sunshine was fleeting. Today it rained pretty much all day. Annoyingly it was also a bit humid so the wearing of a raincoat was irritatingly hot. Well, for me, anyway.

Most of the day the view out the back window was something like this:

Although still not feeling 100% I felt okay to walk into town and go shopping. At least I managed to comfortably sit in Starbucks for my usual blog writing time. The walk back was a little uncomfortable but not too bad given there was a toilet at the finish line…so to speak.

While I’d worn my raincoat to the shops, it was too steamy on the way back so I was in just a t-shirt when I ran into Luna and her owner. Ms Luna commented on how I didn’t appear to really be dressed for the weather. She, like everyone else I’d seen, was wrapped up in a raincoat and numerous other and various weather proof layers.

When I said it was too hot, indicating that my raincoat was in my shopping trolley, she agreed that it was a bit steamy. I wondered, as I walked away, why people seem to enjoy being so uncomfortable in favour of being a bit wet. Particularly when that discomfort makes you wet anyway.

And so, as the rain fell, we stayed indoors and bemoaned the fact that it didn’t look like letting up for at least another week. It meant I couldn’t finish off the obelisks (rain meaning I couldn’t use electric tools outside) or put up cables for holding the wisteria against the house (rain meaning I couldn’t use electric tools outside).

The dogs were not happy. Actually, Freya wasn’t bothered because it gave her a chance to help Mirinda with her DBA.

At least we had pork with green butter for dinner which added a little bit of joy into an otherwise miserable day.

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