The pixies answered my prayers!

Today was glorious. Blue sky and sunshine all day. Almost makes up for the gallons of rain we’ve endured.

Of course I took full advantage of it by working on the obelisks.

Before I could do anything though I had to head up to the gym for a much needed work out. Because of various things I haven’t been able to this week and I’ve been missing it.

The first thing I noticed was that the bike I usually use had been taken out of commission. Last week one of the pedals was having intermittent hiccoughs. I guess it’s now being fixed…or being left to rot. Still, I’m not precious about which saddle I sit on, so I just used the next one. I didn’t notice any difference to my unmoving 12km journey.

A little later, at Starbucks, I was delighted to see Emily serving. It feels like ages since I’ve seen her. She assured me I saw her last week. Hey ho. She claimed I’d forgotten because she’s instantly forgettable. I told her it’s because time moves so slowly between seeing her that it feels forever. She laughed.

After shopping I headed home and made a plan of action regarding the obelisks. I needed some essentials like wood and paint and sugar soap so the plans were hatched.

Then I made lunch before heading down to Homebase.

Don’t let anyone tell you that two pieces of treated timber measuring 150x25x1800 are not awkward when you’re also carrying a bag with assorted bits of stuff. All I can say is that it was a good job I went to the gym in the morning. Though I imagine my upper arms will ache tomorrow.

I reached the house as Mirinda was leaving, taking the girls for a walk on Farnham Heath. Emma was a bit confused that I was just getting back as she was leaving. I don’t think that has ever happened before.

While they were having their pleasant jaunt I started measuring and cutting and screwing and swearing (a bit) until I had all the tops replaced, ready for sanding then painting.

Apart from each of the sides at the top needing to be replaced, all three needed new lids as well.

It was then into the kitchen to make some Paleo bread then dinner.

Someone else enjoying the warmth of the sun, safely behind a pane of glass, was this little monkey.

Well, until Emma reclaimed it that is.

Oh, and I meant to mention this the other day but then instantly forgot. It’s a bit of a mystery that I can only think was accidental.

I used to have three little butter dishes like the one in the photo below. I now only have one (the one in the photo below).

All by myself, I don’t wanna be, ALL BY MYSELF! ANYMORE!

There’s quite a few cupboards in my kitchen and everything has a place. The two other little butter dishes, however, are not in theirs. I think some helpful person has put them away and I just haven’t found them…yet. I hope I do. Eventually.

Until then, I guess it will remain a mystery.

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