Tricky stuff

I can safely say, without fear of contradiction that hornbeam blossom cannot be cleared away with a broom. It has a sort of magnet thing going on. As a broom approaches, it flies away in the opposite direction. Clearly this is an evolutionary attribute. The seed, in danger of being swept into a bin has evolved to move away until the broom gets bored and sweeps up something a little more substantial, like dust.

Fortunately man has evolved a thing called a vacuum cleaner. Hornbeam blossom doesn’t stand a chance against even the softest of suction. Of course, one has to be careful about releasing the prey back into the wild upon the opening of the vacuum cleaner for emptying purposes as this can reverse all the good work. It’s quite amusing to watch them all scatter as soon as a whiff (not even a whiff; a mini-whiff is enough) of air touches them. Two hands just aren’t enough to catch them all.

I am, however, no broom and easily beaten by a flighty prey, and like the hunter that we all are, deep down in our tribal memory banks, I sucked it all up again. Given that man can reason and has a quite handy memory, I could then be very, very careful the next time I opened up the cage.

But enough of such nonsense…today was mostly spent cleaning up (and not just blossom though there was an awful lot of it which, fortunately, hadn’t taken seed) with a phone call to mum and dad, a bit of shopping and a walk in the park thrown in.

Speaking of the park…I snapped these two photos of the poodles looking gorgeous and do not see any reason why I should keep them to myself.

Day-z the Proud

Carmen the Cutie

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2 Responses to Tricky stuff

  1. Mirinda says:

    What a lovely domed head day-z has.

    But the hornbeam – it’s embarrassing. It covered the conservative guys bald head in fluff. Admittedly a good protection against the sun.

  2. mum cook says:

    Very nice and as you say proud and cute. That darn Hornbeen Blossom. HAHAHAHAH Love mum


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