Let’s try and get served at Cafe Rouge

This is the view from where we had intended to have dinner tonight.

The view from the outside seats at Cafe Rouge, Canary Wharf

I say ‘intended’ but we ended up inside. When we arrived there were quite a few people eating outside so we figured they would serve us as well. Some guys were even wearing shorts and t-shirts like me so we knew there was no dress code. Anyway, out of politeness, we asked an older chap who looked like the manager if we could sit outside and he said “sure” (or something like ‘sure’ – it was hard to tell as he mumbled and didn’t look at us when he spoke). We ordered drinks after he gave us the menus and he left.

After a while we wondered whether anyone would take our order. We gave all the right signals and there was a bunch of them standing by the door at various times but no-one seemed to want our business. Eventually we moved inside where we had to ask to be served.

Again we were served by the older chap. We ordered dinner which he didn’t write down and subsequently got wrong and chuckled about it. Obviously they do a roaring trade and therefore have no need to actually serve Monday night stragglers. There was a table of four not far from us who were getting the same sort of service as we were. Not a lot.

The reason we were eating at Canary Wharf was because we decided to take our luggage to the flat for our Italian trip. We don’t leave till Saturday but we thought it smarter to leave from the flat. We left home after lunch and had an almost uneventful train and tube trip. It was ‘almost’ because the tube train decided to stop in the tunnel for what seemed like hours (to Mirinda) but was actually about five minutes (in real time).

Most of the morning was spent washing clothes and packing, trying to fit it all into one suitcase. I’ve come to the conclusion that Mirinda always packs to the size of the suitcase plus half. We wanted to try and limit our luggage this trip as we’ll be going by train and it just makes it easier to move around from city to city. So we decided to use the big silver one. When we’d finished, we had the silver suitcase plus a smaller case. So, one plus a half.

Next time we try this, I’m going to go for the three quarter size suitcase we have, knowing that Mirinda will fill this and then have a ‘half’ pile beside it. I will then pack it all into the silver suitcase. As long as she forgets this post, I’m betting it will work.

Anyway, we eventually had our meal (lovely as usual) but decided to forgo dessert as the time was getting on. I walked Mirinda back to her flat and then made the long journey home to the poodles.

I forgot to mention our hornbeam. It is in blossom and going insane, spreading its little seeds everywhere. It sort of resembles dandelion seeds except there is an awful lot of it. Every time the wind blows, it releases another cloud. Consequently, our garden (and most rooms in the house) is covered with it. Here is just a small bit of it.

Blossom from the hornbeam

When the conservatory guy came on Saturday, his bald head was covered in it, giving him a sort of blonde afro hairstyle.

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  1. mum cook says:

    My imagination is running over time with the poor conservatory guy with the Hornbeam afro. LOL
    love mum


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