Another day

I heard this on Radio 4 the other night:

A city kid is in the country for the day. He asks a farmer:

“Hey, mister. Why’s that cow got no horns?”

The farmer looks the kid up and down and smiles:

“There could be three reasons why a cow has no horns. Firstly, it could have been born without horns. Secondly, it could have had crumpled horn and had them cut off. Thirdly, and clearly why in this case, because it’s a horse.”

It did make me laugh. It’s a panel game called Act Your Age, where three teams of comics are pitted against each other. There are two comedians in each team and they are of different generations. So, team one is The Current Crop, team two is The Up-and-Comers and team three is The Old Guard. It is all about pace so there are a lot of one liners. I love it. It has me in stitches for the full half an hour.

Anyway, as I said yesterday, I have another video of Molly singing from Annie. This time (after Mirinda’s request) we have Maybe. Please excuse the occasional rough spots but, according to Adele, she hadn’t warmed up before singing.

Today I cleaned the house while popping into the study every now and then to check the progress of my rearranging plan for the PC. All ended up well and I now have a PC that runs properly again.

Of course we went for our daily walk round the park. Surprisingly there weren’t as many people around today. Each day since the school holidays started, there’s been lots of little groups dotting the hillsides, tempting Day-z to jump on their prostrate bodies. Not today though. We only saw four groups, in fact.

One of the many, MANY things I love about Farnham park is when it has been freshly mown. It always smells perfect. I’m sure there’s a few allergenic types that would disagree, but it’s almost as good as freshly baked bread…if you ask me. And today I managed to get a great snoot full. Yes, it had been freshly cut right before we arrived. And it smelled a little like this:

Farnham Park just after the mowing tractor's been through

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2 Responses to Another day

  1. mum cook says:

    I love new cut grass as well,lovely molly, thank you.
    love mum

  2. Mirinda says:

    Farnham is utterly gorgeous this season – the most beautiful spring I can remember.
    I love hearing Molly sing Maybe. I heard her in Oz – admittedly from the lounge room while she was singing in the bath!


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