Whatever happened to Mr Noodles?

Today we met Boris (or, as Tom’s odd friend Cameron claimed, Borris) who was originally going to be called Mr Noodles. I asked Tom why he was called Boris rather than the far more original Mr Noodles and he blamed his mother.

Anyway, name aside, Boris is a golden retriever (just like Rodney, who he met today) and 10 weeks old.


Sophie is going through the joys of toilet training (among other necessary things) and so there was a pretty constant need to wander around behind him with toilet tissue and spray detergent. A couple of times he actually went outside but, unfortunately, these times were few and far between.

Apart from his almost maniacal need to urinate, Boris is delightful. His puppy fur is so soft and it’s impossible not to fall in love with his adorable face. Of course Emma and Freya were not quite so enamoured as we were. In fact, Emma was her usual growly, standoffish self while Freya acted like she’s made of glass and the lightest tap would shatter her into a million pieces. They spent a lot of time on the safety of various laps.

Tom will protect us!

Originally I was going to cook lunch but then Mirinda suggested we go to the Holly Bush in Frensham. I was not going to disagree with this. While I don’t mind cooking, the chance to go to the Holly Bush for lunch is always pretty high on my choices of pleasure. And so she booked us in and we duly arrived.

Of course, Sophie had to have all manner of paraphernalia – it was exactly like when she brought Tom over to visit when he was very young. Well, except he didn’t have a puppy cage. Maybe he should have. I don’t know. It meant we had to sit and eat downstairs because there was enough room for us and the dogs.

One of the best things about the Holly Bush is the fact that they actively encourage dogs. While the majority of customers today loved this and had dogs of their own, one rather snooty lady sitting at the next table from us was less than enthusiastic. She moved, which was the best decision for all concerned…though Freya was a bit upset.

I could not resist the salt and pepper squid which is the best salt and pepper squid I’ve EVER had. And it is consistently superb. Mirinda and Sophie both had a naked burger without the chips while Tom had as many carbs as he could possibly get in. We all had a lovely lunch.

It was then back home after a short walk up the road first where Boris demonstrated how he decides he’s walked far enough. He sits down and refuses to go any further. It reminded me of the poodles when they were young. Hopefully Boris will get over this distance issue because Sophie will not be able to pick him up for much longer.

Back at home we all sort of sat around waiting for dinner to arrive.

Actually I didn’t really sit around much because I had to make some Paleo bread and prep for dinner. Along with the Paleo bread (which was a great success) I made Thai chicken curry on cauliflower rice followed by a lo-carb kulfi with freeze dried raspberry sprinkled in top.

At 7:30 I instructed Tom it was time to ring the dinner gong which he duly did. (That’s his sole contribution to dinner unlike other teenagers I’ve had the pleasure to order around in my kitchen.) Dinner was eaten, praise given (no applause) and wine was consumed. It was lovely.

After dinner, Mirinda, Sophie and the dogs returned to the library while Tom and I watched the hilarious movie, Daddy’s Home with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. It had some incredibly funny stuff in it. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Eventually everyone sort of drifted off to bed while I tidied up. Then, at midnight when I was putting the girls to bed, Boris decided it was a good time to announce to the world that he was awake again. Given he was in the Green Room with Sophie meant she didn’t get a lot of sleep.

Speaking of the Green Room she was very happy with the curtains and the now fixed fake fireplace.

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