Another song from Molly

Adele and Mirinda chatted for about six hours yesterday. Part of this chat concerned Molly’s performance in Annie. Apparently she was brilliant. Sadly, because of copyright reasons, the performance could not be filmed (this is very annoying because back in the day people thought nothing of recording performances using awfully inadequate equipment, for private consumption but now, when we have amazing technology that actually produces good images, the clamp is firmly applied) and Adele had to resort to recording Molly in her bedroom at home. Anyway, here she is, aggressively belting out Tomorrow:

I’m not sure how Adele managed to get the orchestra in her bedroom though.

Kate arrived at 9ish to pick the poodles up for their haircuts which meant that when Tom came to look at our kitchen, he didn’t have puppies jumping all over him. I was actually pleasantly surprised at him.

When we chatted to him in the shop, he seemed a bit Arthur Daley-ish; a bit like Phil who I used to work with. He wore a shirt that extended a long way further than his hands, as if he’d slipped on one of his dad’s by mistake. His cufflinks were very bling. His hair was a bit real estate style as well.

But, he turned out to be very nice. He chatted about what we could do in the kitchen, how we could go about maximising the minute space with some apple green cupboards and a fridge box. It was all very helpful. The conservatory guy is coming back on Saturday so we just have to get an idea of costs before we go mad.

The birthday girl went off to Chawton House for her book group meeting while I took the newly clipped and musk smelling poodles to the park so that Day-z could find a big pile of horse manure to roll in.

The post-cut and washed poodles on the bed

After Mirinda returned from book group, we spent a lovely couple of hours looking for accommodation for our forthcoming trip to Italy before going up to St John’s to celebrate Mirinda’s birthday. We had a lovely meal as usual. I went out on a limb and had the star anise brulee and lobster salad for entree – I have never really seen what’s so good about lobster – followed by the lamb – brilliant – and, finally, ended up with the banana brulee and Galliano ice cream. Mirinda had the lobster salad too – she wondered why it was called a salad when the only green thing was two bits of water cress – her usual beef and foie gras followed by an exceptional pumpkin pie with candied pecan nuts.

St John\’s and Mirinda toasting her own birthday

After a slow walk around the dark streets of Odiham, we hopped into Sidney and drove home the (very) long way.

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2 Responses to Another song from Molly

  1. Mirinda says:

    A lovely birthday

  2. mum cook says:

    I will say again what a voice!! I had tears running down my face could not see her but hear her I did wonderful . Happy belated birthday Mirinda sounds very enjoyable.
    love mum

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