Don’t stick magnets up your nose

When I go into town after visiting the gym, I get off the bus opposite the Woolmead and, rather than walk along the footpath in the polluted Borough, I take a shortcut behind some buildings, eventually coming out onto Castle Street. I have walked this route so many times you’d think I’d know it completely. Today I realised that was an incorrect assumption.

Something that has been obvious for a few months is the fact that the Woolmead development has begun. There’s been people moaning that nothing had been happening but this is just not true. Given the size of the development, there has been a lot of finding and isolating essential services (water, electricity, waste disposal, vagrants, etc) in preparation for the wholesale demolition of the monstrosity.

There has been a lot of bright lime green writing on the plate glass windows indicating what has been done and whether it is safe to proceed or not. Also this morning I noticed a couple of chaps in flouro jackets in an upstairs window discussing, I can only imagine, something to do with where to place the explosives.

Meanwhile, in another sign of activity, a generator was coughing away outside the main doors of what used to be Peacocks.

The first thing I spotted that I’d not seen before was a weather vane. It is fixed to the back of WH Smith and has been specially made with ‘WHS’ wrought in the middle.

While that’s not particularly unusual, the fact that it’s at the back and would only be seen by a few people parking their cars behind the building, is delightfully odd. Of course it’s completely dwarfed by the big silver ship weather vane on Castle Street which probably explains why I’ve never seen it before.

The second new thing I spotted was a series of strangely circular chimneys.

Most domestic chimneys are built in squares and rectangles so why these are circular, I have no idea. I’m ignoring fancy Tudor ones that twist and turn like candy sticks. If the ones above are contemporary with the buildings then they are possibly Georgian. Whatever and whenever they are from, I reckon they look quite cool.

While not currently new, the shop that used to be Barkers the Dog Supply Place is almost a Space NK branch. I guess we need a makeup shop almost next door to Elphicks department store.

Given Barkers took an age to actually open then only lasted about a year, I’m not holding out much hope for this new venture. If only it was a greengrocer. Or a fishmonger. Or a cheese shop.

My wander around Farnham did mean I managed to get a bit wet…though not as bad as yesterday morning. Throughout the day, the weather was a bit odd. Rain seemed to come in sheets (sometimes very big tarpaulin like sheets) separated by sunshine and blue sky. Mind you, it wasn’t particularly windy.

Speaking of rain, Builder Dave came round this afternoon to look at our leaky roof. He reckons it’s the ceiling lantern (we’ve thought that from the start) and is going to get the guys who made and installed it to come and fix it. He has to organise them to come round together so it’ll probably be in two weeks. He’ll also get his decorator to patch and repaint it all. Of course I’m hoping these weren’t just empty promises and I’ll not hear from him again.

Someone I did hear from was Matt. He had a cleaner meet him at the cottage to quote on cleaning and readying for decorating. The quote was very reasonable so I said to get him onto it. It’s good see how proactive Matt is being but then it is in his interest to sell the place as quickly as possible.

Apropos of nothing except for the fact that it tickled my funny bone…Late in the day I received a packet of magnets. I don’t usually read the instructions for things such as magnets (actually, being an IT person, I rarely read any instructions until I absolutely have to) but for some reason the ones included with these magnets caught my eye and I opened them up and read them.

There was the usual stuff you’d expect but also there was this delightful warning:

Scary magnets!

And because I know there’s a lot of eager anticipation about how the Green Room looks now, here’s a video I took today:

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