Just another non-manic Monday

This morning was an early one for Mirinda. She had a morning meeting and had to get to Shepherds Bush which requires many annoying changes of transport.

My uneventful morning started at the usual 6am prior to my trip to the gym then back to Skype with mum. This is unusual for a Monday but I’m going to the cottage tomorrow and mum’s having her knee operation on Wednesday so Monday was the only option.

After our chat she went to bed and I went inside to feed the dogs before heading to the park for a walk.

The weather was glorious. I’d go so far as to say it was actually warm. I was amazed to not see more people out and about but there you go.

Back at home I waited for a delivery (my new hybrid to replace the ever updating red one) before heading down to Homebase for some curtain poles for the Green Room. One of the things that Sophie claimed was essential for the room which she’s claimed as her own, are curtains. (I realise there’s a bit of a queue for the Green Room but given she’s coming to visit on the weekend I thought it best not to make that point too vociferously.) We have the actual curtains but I need to put up a couple of poles.

At this point, as I gave the girls their tea, I wondered where the day had gone. I hate days that appear to be productive but turn out to be all faff and no substance. I didn’t even take any photos today.

That’s not exactly true. Mum said I’d not taken any photos of our daffs which have all bounced back from the snow. So here’s some from the front garden.

I’ll include some from the back in the next couple of days.

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