Where’s Sidney?

Italy beaten by Croatia 1-2 in a bit of a shocker.

We went into Alton to do a few things. Join library, video rental, find a new hairdresser, etc, etc. Had a tea/coffee at the Swan (but NO food). Then to the sports centre for Mirinda to check out the pool.

After shopping at Sainsbury’s, I came out to find the car missing. I figured it had to be me forgetting where we’d parked it but no, Mirinda had suddenly decided to take it for a car wash. I have to say, I looked a right prat wandering around, confused, searching for the car, bags of shopping hanging from my arms.

After I found her we went on to Folly Hill in order to pinch my lovage. It dropped lower with every mile.

Went for a lovely walk around Shelley Lane and popped into the church on the way back.

I made splodgy gnocchi for dinner. Great sauce – sage, butter, dandelion leaves, chestnut mushrooms and leek, all chopped and sauteed – but gnocchi made with pumpkin needs some serious work in order to be both edible AND enjoyable.

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