Winchester, Aldershot, KFC

Went to Winchester first thing. We wandered around for a bit. Learned that in 1660 the church in Winchester let St Swithin’s Church to a man named Allen who kept his pigs at one end of the chapel and his kids in the other.

Had a beer in the Green Man, a very cute pub opposite the cinema where we subsequently queued for ten minutes. Mirinda noted the number of little kids who appeared to also be queuing for Star Wars and suddenly decided we should perhaps go at another time. I agreed.

We took a slow wander back to Sidney and drove to Aldershot to hire a video (Others), buy a sleeping bag (to go with the tent) and so Mirinda could have some KFC!

Dave the Fence Man came round and measured up. He said the whole job wouldn’t start for about six weeks but if there was bad weather, stopping the job he’s on, he could come over and at least do the front. Seemed like a lovely guy – he liked the dogs.

Met the postie this morning. I was out with the puppies and she ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ all over them.

The Other was an excellent movie. The twist was terrific. Didn’t get until we were supposed to. Great acting and directing.

Also saw a documentary about the paedophile unit at Scotland Yard on the BBC. Pretty strong stuff. It amazes me how those guys (and they appeared to all be men) in the police can stay normal having to view so much awful stuff. But they seemed exactly that – nice, normal, adjusted fellows. The must have some outlet.

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