The schedule’s not working

Yikes! Nicole is turning into FB. And she doesn’t realise it. Today she decided we should schedule QA jobs (something I’ve been saying since James left) but wasn’t keen on the electronic idea I had (I guess it’s too easy for everyone to access) and wanted to go for a paper version. That’s not the FB bit.

She then volunteered to divey out the jobs herself in the mornings because…wait for it…she’s in most mornings at 8:45. She obviously believes this. Anyway, with her record of fads, I give this a couple of weeks until she gets bored and forgets to update it then a few days of “I know I’ve got to add some but I’ve had to do this and I’ll update it in the afternoon.” Then, finally, it won’t happen anymore and any form of scheduling will be anathema.

Anyway, on a brighter note, I beat Stevie 5-1 today and I managed to get Mirinda to throw away lots of rubbish including three pairs of shoes!

Bought a fridge and a freezer online.

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