Baby talk

Feeling much better and went to work.

Nicole full of drugs and alcohol from her full weekend. She refused to shut up about it.

Stevie asked about the course and the house – such a lovely fella.

Mirinda has decided that we are going to have a child. I said if this was so then we’d need a Baby Fund, a better budgeting strategy and healthier living regime. The idea is growing on me but I have to ignore these ambitious pangs that do not belong in me…actually I just wrote that because I knew Mirinda was reading it.

I like the baby idea but am frightened to end up like my parents (or the rest of my family), broke and without hope of adventure. Our marriage has been a delightful adventure from day one and I don’t want the rest to grind to a halt. I know a child brings new things every day yadda, yadda, yadda but it smacks of a lot of routine and that scares me.

Becoming like Patrick and Michele scares me or, worse, Sharon and Jud!

I’d LOVE a little Adric (mainly because it’s such a cool name) or Josephine Claire to show life to and teach all the best nonsense. Someone to laugh at my jokes unconditionally at least until they’re teenagers. But I have to get used to it.

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