What a difference a weekend makes!

From the hotel bathroom…

One of your five a day

It was an early start in order to make the 08:37 Eurostar to London. It shows how we’re used to having to travel ages to get to Gard de Nord because, without thinking, we ordered a cab for 7am and he dropped us at the station at 7:10am. Still, we managed to get a seat in the waiting area, something we’ve never really managed before.

And speaking of the waiting area, it’s all been done up. It is so much better now (apart from the inclusion of a Costa) and even appears to have more room.

So we sat and had a coffee and waited for a bit then we stood and queued (very slightly) before joining the train and settling into our seats. Then, as the clock ticked (metaphorically) round to 8:37, the train left the station.

The journey was smooth and effortless.

Now, as promised, a little about a street artist we came across in the Marais…

Kai Guetta is an American born artist who studied in Paris. During his time in the city he managed to adorn various walls with his distinctive cement creations.

His pieces feature the little chap shown above in various different situations which largely denounce capitalism and the modern world. For instance, the above image implies that people are trapped by their mobile phones. And that’s where their friends mostly live. It’s a scary ‘digital world’ message.

While this next one indicates how like a never ending hamster wheel is the life of a modern businessman. (The penis has been added by a second artist who believes the original needed a little something extra.)

While these pieces are critical of our modern society, this next one seems to be saying that with books the child surpasses the teacher.

Anyway, after his studies were finished, Kai moved back to the States where he decided to paint rap stars. He claims that they are the new aristocracy and like the old one, could be the sponsors of art in our modern age.

For an anti-capitalist that sounds just about right…

Anyway, our journey continued. On reaching Kent, the last vestiges of snow lay about the verges alongside the track – the side where the sun don’t shine. Other than these brief bits of bright white, the rest of the countryside looked the usual verdant green.

And would you believe it? The train pulled into St Pancras a 10am, it’s scheduled time of arrival. It almost felt like we were in Japan…except we had enough time to get off of course.

And my transport luck held all the way home. Of course it was raining when I arrived in Farnham but at least there wasn’t any hold ups.

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  1. mum cook says:

    Sound wasnt very good did hear Mirinda coughing haha love mum


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