High-rise bug hotel under construction

The base of our bed is very poorly designed. Rather than being attached to anything, the central rib into which the slats slot, is, basically, a length of rectangular metal conduit, hollow and rigid. It sits, either end, upon brackets in a ‘U’ shape attached to the bed head and end.

Unfortunately, because the bed is a queen, the end board bows out in the middle whenever any pressure is put on the bottom of the bed. This makes the whole thing collapse as the metal conduit falls out of the slot.

Our mattress, on the other hand, is very well made, expensive and solid as quite a few very solid rocks. It’s not the sort of mattress easily moved especially when gravity has dictated it should rest a little closer to the ground than is generally advisable. What this means is that it takes two to move it off the base.

After lunch I roped Mirinda into helping me move the mattress then, armed with a number of tools of mass construction, I fixed the stupid base once and for all.

I have progressively been getting rid of stuff I’ve accumulated over the years and was slightly concerned that I’d not be able to put my hands on a couple of nuts, bolts and washers. My concern was misdirected. I found just what I needed and fixed the bed base. The only way it will collapse now is if the bolts sheer off, something I very much doubt will happen.

As a reward, I was taken to Farnham Heath for a lovely walk.

The day was beautiful with just a few high wispy clouds and an icy cold temperature. Apparently the cold is the prelude to next week when we’re supposed to be visited by the legendary Beast from the East. This weather front will deliver icy blasts from the frozen Urals or Siberia or somewhere very cold in Russia.

For now, though, jeans, a thick fleece and gloves are sufficient. Oh, and an extra pair of socks and a sleeping bag in Mirinda’s case.

Always beautiful in the sunshine

While a source of constant delight, the heath has a new delightful building under construction. It’s very specialised, the upcoming tenants needing special catering and various types of construction materials. Once complete it will form a housing estate for the heath, both integral and necessary.

Mirinda reminded me that I have to build one for our garden. I then reminded Mirinda that she’s presently redesigning the back of the garden so I am waiting for a final location for ours within the new design. It’s not like I can move it once it’s built.

After our lovely walk we headed for the Holly Bush for a well earned drink before heading home where I made a Japanese feast for dinner. Sadly there was no applause this time but it still tasted great.

At the Holly Bush

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