Baby steps along the fermentation road

Sarina left Starbucks today. Sarina has always been a source of great joy for me. If feeling a bit miserable or sad, I could always rely on Sarina’s beaming smile to change my mood instantly. She was also one of those few baristas who learned my order very quickly.

Like Gracie before her, she has the ability to flood a room with her warmth and happiness. I’m dead jeal of everyone else who’ll now be recipients. :: sad face ::

After my sad tears of farewell (and slight laughter at Chantelle’s almost complete lack of a voice at the moment) I headed for the shops then home as the rain started falling like so many icy, wet spears of mood indicators.

The weather today, in short, was crap. All day. Wet crap, in fact. Bad for dog walking or garden working but excellent for Fermentation.

We’ve been reading and hearing a lot about the the human microbiome recently and how it can determine your overall system be it healthy or not. This has led us towards finding foods which improve the microbes within ourselves.

It’s easy enough to do when it comes to fresh green leafy vegetables (we eat a lot of that) but it starts to need a bit of work when it comes to the fizzy stuff. Like kefir.

I’ve heard a lot about kefir on The Archers and, frankly, I wasn’t that enthused. Most characters have reacted in a way that I would associate with the eating of live snails but I tried some today and, actually, it’s quite nice. Naturally I’m talking about the plain, simple, full fat and unadulterated kefir. It’s like a watery Greek yoghurt. And it is the easiest thing in the world to make.

I have ordered some kefir culture in order to make a couple of glasses every day for us but they will take a few days to arrive. In the meantime, I am trying fermenting vegetables, another great source of good microbes and, again, incredibly easy with a great taste to match.

Easy, of course, once you have the indispensable cabbage weights.

Things of simple beauty

These plain glass discs keep the veg below the water while allowing some oxygen in and gases out. I now have four of them. I used the first one today in a jar of fermented veg comprised of baby courgette, fine French beans and broccoli spears. They will be ready for eating in about five days though the jar will need burping every now and then.

First attempt

I’m going to start making my own sauerkraut as well but I have to wait for some bigger jars which should arrive tomorrow. Sauerkraut is one of the best sources of the good microbes and is really easy as well. I’m amazed that the best things are generally the easiest.

Kefir, for instance takes 24 hours and is as simple as pouring out a glass of milk. And the kefir culture lasts forever because it feeds on the lactose in the milk you keep feeding it. So, not only simple, it’s also very cheap.

On the cold front, my throat is the only thing left. (Oh, and a slight sniff which I find annoying. I have no idea how these people who constantly sniff can stand themselves.) I’m almost back to my usual, healthy-mad fighting-fit Best I Can Be.

Good luck, Sarina!

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