Some people take no joy in walking their dog

Today was absolutely beautiful. Wall to wall sunshine, nice and cold with a light breeze, happy smiling faces nearly everywhere. It was a joy to walk into town. It was equally a joy that I was feeling well enough to do it.

The world is falling to the right

Most days I wonder about the Miserable Dog Walkers of Farnham Park but on days of perfection I go beyond wonderment and stand at the gates of incredulity. Generally they are the ones with earplugs firmly cutting themselves off from the rest of humanity while their dog roams around on its own, occasionally having to run after its owner because they’ve managed to walk 150 feet further on.

My reader should not get me wrong. This is not a complaint or a moan or anything like it. I just feel sad, really. Sad for the dog mostly. One of the things the girls seem to find joy in is running back to me, before darting off again. I like to imagine that they’re happy in the knowledge that I’m enjoying the walk with them.

On a day like today, I am definitely enjoying it with them. The world looks sparkling and clean as if new and un-abused by the harsh realities of life. Living in such a place, in such a time, how could one not take joy in a walk with a creature that only gives love?

Still, it takes all kinds I guess. I just feel for the dogs and tend to make a fuss of them whenever I see their forlorn and questioning faces.

Meanwhile in Farnham, I have to wonder why South East Water didn’t arrange to do whatever work they’re doing across the access road behind Waitrose at the same time as the other contractor did last year. I remember writing about this road blockage as it went on for yonks. Hopefully this won’t last quite as long.

Fortunately not a major artery

On the way back from the shops, the day was so beautiful (and Mirinda was at home with the girls) that I sat opposite the fort for about ten minutes, listening to the children play (it’s half term so there were many of them) and reading. It was sublime.

Mirinda went into town herself later so she could order some non-bifocal glasses for computer work. She finds the angle her neck requires to maintain in order to look through the correct part of her glasses very difficult. Almost as difficult as that sentence. So, rather than buy new frames she thought it would be a good idea to use an old pair and took some in to the optician.

I took the girls to the park and thoroughly enjoyed their company.

“Hold me back!”
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