Laughter in the studio

Well, I am flabbergasted. Yesterday’s post received 60 hits (I generally average about 20, what with all the Jenny Agutter searching that goes on) because of the fatality. Searches to find out what happened all pointed to my blog post because there was no other up-to-date information regarding the incident. That says more about South West Trains and how they like to keep their customers informed than it does about me, I’m sure.

Anyway, that was yesterday (I can only bask for so long in past glories) and this is today. Another jewel of a day with horizon to horizon blue skies and the temperature in the early 20s. The type of day that simply makes a spring. It also makes people smile more.

I had an early Talking Newspaper so was off to the studio before I’d actually woken up. That may be a slight exaggeration but I did have quite a late night waiting for Mirinda to get in after seeing Keira. She reports that the play was very good, Keira Knightly surprisingly so with the other actress better. Ben spent the whole time trying to look up Keira’s dress, which indicates the depth of his theatrical appreciation…I guess.

Starting again…I left early for the Talking Newspaper because this week I was going to read the sports! This job which everyone hates, was one I was really looking forward to. Basically I took all the sports stories that involved (or mentioned) Farnham and Aldershot and wrote an entire story including all of them. I had five minutes to fill and, I think, managed. I was pleased with it although it was difficult keeping the time because I was on the other side of the desk to the counter that indicates time elapsed. I had to make do with Sue, the engineer, gesticulating frantically at me that I was drawing close to the end.

Speaking of Sue (my favourite engineer), she really put the kibosh on the recording when she stated, right at the beginning, that we were such a good team of readers that we’d have no interruptions and everything would go really, really smoothly. She couldn’t have been more wrong.

From the first sentence, things went wrong. There were stumbles, missed timings, coughs and, the best mistake ever, Bridget kept cracking up.

We have a columnist in the local paper called Frank Scribe. Nearly every week he’ll write a few paragraphs about different subjects that take his fancy and, generally, complain about things. When we had looked at them, I took the football/cricket story not noticing the content of the others. Bridget had one on dogging at a local spot on the Hogs Back.

It was just like a blooper reel. Every time she started reading, she would just crack up. It was hilarious. All of us were in stitches by the time she announced she was going to give up and read something else. She handed me the dogging piece and asked me to read it. Which I did. In one way it’s a pity all of her laughing has to be edited out. It really was very funny.

When we finished and left the studio, the next group gave us a lot of funny looks and asked what all the commotion had been. We feigned innocence as we left. Poor Sue will have had quite a job cleaning the recording up. We apologised profusely.

Given that my wife insists, I stopped off for my pint at the Nelson’s Arms before going home to the crazy poodles who insisted on a walk. Which we took and met Rocky, a lapso poodle cross.

I was amazed. He looked exactly like the girls. I thought he was a poodle as well. I walked with his owner halfway around the park and we chatted about our dogs for a pleasant half hour. Interestingly when she bought Rocky, her husband didn’t want a dog. She surprised him with Rocky and the two have formed such a strong bond that now she is generally left out of their secret world of master and dog. Anyway, this could be a nice option to add to the ‘next dog’ mix.

I realise that I nearly always feature Carmen in the blog but rarely manage a shot of Day-z. But not today. Here’s a shot of her looking like she’s just woken up. Who am I kidding…she had just woken up after I called her name.

Day-z jolted from a dream about her celebration toy magically becoming whole again

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  1. Mirinda says:

    She does look exactly like she’s just woken – possibly with a hangover


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