Final Visitors

Sophie and Tom visited us today. They will be our final guests since November. Though, to be fair, we have had a fortnight break.

Having them come for dinner means I was cooking for most of the day. Mirinda wanted me to try some Paleo ice cream regardless of how many times I told her that it was unlikely that Palaeolithic men and women had ice cream, even the lo-carb version. And less likely it had coconut in it.

So I set up a double boiler and whipped up some coconut and egg mix, put it in the fridge then the freezer to be stirred up every 30 minutes for the next few hours. It wasn’t bad but without sugar, a bit bland. Fortunately the rest of the meal was definitely not bland.

Menu at Chez Gaz. I couldn’t bear to remove Lauren’s artwork!

Earlier in the day, Mirinda headed over for her first guitar class of the year while I went shopping. The weather wasn’t too bad. It sort of looked like it wanted to rain and, actually it did spit a bit as I reached home. But it’s definitely not cold.

Actually it feels like we haven’t really had a winter. The temperature only really goes down when the wind blows. In fact, as far as our garden is concerned, it’s almost spring.

Bulbs in the Candy Bed

Hopefully we’ll not have a sudden, freezing cold snap and they all get killed. There’s plenty more all over the garden so I’m hopeful for a very bright time to come. Of course, by the time that Sophie and Tom arrived, you couldn’t see the garden.

We had a lovely dinner, talking about our flashing, hygge lights, Boris the dog and how nice Hong Kong was. Then, having eaten, Mirinda and Sophie retired to the library while Tom and I watched the first Ironman film – I hadn’t seen it so it was important we rectified that.

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3 Responses to Final Visitors

  1. mum cook says:

    Well that was lovely and your table looks lovely and colourful say hi to Tom and Sophie looking forward to seeing them again. I think I would have liked that menu I don’t eat much Ice cream anymore as it is to sweet so maybe that would be ok for me.
    Love you lots mum xxxxx P S i would have liked the film as well hahaha.

  2. mum cook says:

    I love your Menu board don’t rub it off its great xx

  3. Mirinda says:

    How colourful we all look!

    And I finally got my bucket list mr tumnus moment of sitting in my library with Sophie in 2 comfy armchairs in front of the fire


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