The HP moon

What a difference a day makes. Well, most of the day anyway. We did get caught in a bit of a squall late on but otherwise the day was bright and blue and full of sun. Not that it was particularly sunny when I woke up at 05:59 and spotted this:

Still, eventually the sun came up, I went to the gym then shopping and, it naturally meant that we went to the park. Emma was delirious with pleasure. Freya was more or less pleased. Actually I reckon Freya is happy with whatever happens in her day. She’s that kind of dog.

Heading up through a copse I spotted that someone has tied a swing onto my favourite tree. A swing is all well and good this time of the year but it’s going to vanish as the tree starts to green up. Though it was probably just a one-off “Dad, make us a swing!” type situation anyway.

Then I met Luna. But it wasn’t the Luna I’ve written about before. That Luna is a little ball of fluff, smaller than Freya. No, this new Luna was a big, bouncy happy black dog of indeterminate breed. And I have to say, I would have thought that finding a single dog called Luna was a big thing but two? In the same park?

I asked the owner if she knew the other Luna and she excitedly told me that both Lunas were the same age but, until recently, completely unknown to each other.

Her Luna was named after the Italian for Moon while the little one was named after Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. I should add that I have no idea why. Although I haven’t read any Harry Potter and only seen almost one film, I see from the Harry Potter Wiki that she’s blonde. Luna the little dog is black.

I’ve just discovered that according to one website, Luna is among the top 50 female dog names for the last decade (it was THE most popular in Australia last year). Surprisingly, so is Emma. Go figure. And I thought it was quite original. Mind you, Luna’s owner thought the names of our two suited them both beautifully.

Anyway, I don’t really care why the dogs are called Luna but I am amazed that there are two in the same park. Then, to cap it off, little Luna came running over as we were heading home and created a great furore big puppy mash-up with dogs appearing from everywhere. It was glorious.

(Sadly, on the way out of the park, Sally came over and asked how long we’d had our dogs. I smiled uncertainly and said “A while,” unsure what to say but feeling like I should say something.)

Apart from that little bit of craziness and a light sprinkling of rain, the walk was characterised by this wonderful preface to spring:

My first snowdrop sighting

I should also state that out bulbs are starting to appear in the garden because it’s already quite warm. It’s a good job that there’s no climate change, is all I can say.

Moving right on along…yesterday, during the awful weather, Emma insisted we play fetch-anyway. This is very similar to fetch-inthepark except it’s from the door end of the extension to the front door. Freya doesn’t always play except when she’s feeling particularly mean and wanting to annoy Emma. Here’s how it looks from the tiles.

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2 Responses to The HP moon

  1. mum cook says:

    There funny love watching them. Its a wonder they don’t knock there seleves out. love mum xxx

  2. Mirinda says:

    Yin and yang when asleep and great tilecam video


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