Yucky day

Today started wet and drizzly and didn’t really improve. This is despite the fact that the Met Bureau claimed the weather would improve after 11am. Ha! That certainly wasn’t the case in Farnham.

Just look at the Avenue of Trees if you don’t believe me.

Grim, grim, grim

Anyway, I went to the gym through the drips and drops of the morning dampness while Mirinda went off to work and the dogs wandered around the house waiting. They do a lot of that…though not as much as the poodles used to.

On the way back from the gym, I spotted little Luna and her owner. She jumped up and was overjoyed to see me, licking my hand and generally covering me with affection. (I mean the dog, not the owner.) This was only relevant when I reached the house. Emma, as usual, jumped up to see me and when I sat on the stairs she was all ready to give me a staircase cuddle.

She suddenly stopped as her nose picked up a scent on my hand. Her tail went down as she sniffed my hand all over. Then, as if by magic, Freya did the same. They were both subdued by Luna, a tiny puppy. It was very funny.

What wasn’t particularly funny was trying to Skype with mum this morning. Her laptop has decided to stop working. I rang her via Skype but it’s not the same (though remarkably cheap). She is going to take the laptop to the computer hospital and, hopefully, all will be well next week…or it’ll be the phone again.

After lunch we then went up to the park for a run around where I was accosted by a few dogs. It was an odd day for dog accosting. Normally they all pester the puppies but, for reasons known only to them, all the dogs wanted to say hello to me today. Not that I mind in the least.

Apart from the greyhound. The greyhound loves teasing Emma and takes every opportunity to do it. Today was no different. In fact there were two. One if them had a bell around its neck. It rang quite frantically every time the greyhound took off at top speed. You’d think it would drive the dog mad.

The rain eventually chased us back home where the rest of the day was spent doing some admin for Mirinda’s DBA and washing. There’s always washing. The aim to empty the laundry basket is always irritating when it just gets filled again.

Park panno

Before bed, I watched a very odd film starring Will Smith. It’s called Bright and is a Netflix film. It is about a Los Angeles that is populated with humans, orcs, elves and pesky fairies. Smith is a policeman and he has the first orc officer as a partner. So, it’s a buddy film. It’s very funny (as you’d expect with a Will Smith film) and nicely inexplicable. I enjoyed it a lot. It really wouldn’t suit people who need explanations for everything.

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  1. mum cook says:

    It looks very wet and cold looking even though the heat is a pain i steal don’t want the wet all the time dry and cold is good. Love mum xxx


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