Shelving issues

Today I went up to the flat to put some small shelves on a wall for the placement of Mirinda’s wooden birds. Like all of these things, a job that should have taken about an hour and been really, really straightforward, didn’t go well.

The trip in was okay and I even managed to go to the gym first thing so the day wasn’t entirely a loss. And Gardener Dave turned up for the first time this year this morning. (Sam has moved on, wanting to be an electrician. Dave had a new assistant but I didn’t catch his name.) I left them to a jolly good pre-spring tidy up as I headed for London.

The first thing that went wrong was the discovery that the wall which I thought was solid was actually hollow. I was rather surprised at this because the other side of the wall is the stairwell. It meant I had the wrong fittings so went over to Robert Dyas to see if they had any hollow wall fixtures…which, surprisingly they did. I bought them and started again.

The next thing that went wrong was the hollow space wasn’t the usual 50mm but, rather, an unusual 30mm. The fixtures were the standard 40mm. It should be obvious to anyone that they weren’t any good. I temporarily put one shelf kind of up and plonked a bird on it in order to have something to show for the effort.

I tidied up and left, frustrated.

Mind you, I did remember to take a photo of the progress of the Maine Tower.

One highlight of the day was the unexpected discovery that Lizzy was on the train. She was on the way back from Cambridge. We chatted all the way back to Farnham which made the trip home very enjoyable and seemingly shorter than usual.

After shopping I eventually walked in the door at about 6pm. For a wasted day, it certainly lasted a long time.

One rather interesting development was the discovery that Emma has taken to sitting on one of the recliners. She has been known to sit on the lounge on her own but that’s it. Tonight however, she happy jumped on, curled up and snoozed away on it.

Or is it that she misses Bob? This was his seat all the time he was here and she took quite a long time to get used to him. Maybe she was about to make friends with him and he left.

Whatever, this is now Emma’s recliner…

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  1. mum cook says:

    WOW That has certainly got bigger. bet all the light has gone from the flat shame. love mum xxxx

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