Argos is moving?

Poor Bob came home to the news that Suzy has to be put down. While she has had a good few weeks with lots of dogs to play with and being at the kennel that she loves, she has also rapidly gone downhill, healthwise. It was inevitable given her many health problems but it doesn’t make it easy.

Other than that, in other Bob news, his adventures continued in Japan. It seemed that someone had told the entire population that Bob was on his way and would need help. And help they all did.

While not exactly what you’d call smooth, his transition from Haneda to Narita came and went, he visited the aeronautical museum (without my instructions which remained in his bag) then waited in the lounge, bored for a few hours before finally boarding and flying home.

While back here in Farnham, I was rather dismayed to find this new product in Waitrose :

Naked? Yeah right!

When I see the word ‘naked’ printed on a packet I assume it means that the product has had nothing added to what is essential in making it what it is. In the case of ham, I assume salt, maybe some water, smoke, but not much else. As it says on the front of this ham, nitrates are often added and they are not good. In fact it doesn’t take much to kill a human.

I was quite prepared to give Naked Ham a go until I turned the packet over and read the ingredients :

Sugar? Really?

I’ve read that sugar is added for flavour. Ham has flavour and shouldn’t need sugar…unless it’s the really bad bits of the pig that don’t taste very good and therefore shouldn’t be eaten. But that’s not important. What is important is that they lie. It’s not naked at all.

And they’ve added natural flavour? Surely it already had natural flavour. And how natural could it be? Was it taken from another ham? Very odd.

Needless to say, I didn’t buy it. Besides the sugar, 86% pork isn’t enough. Even the cheap ham I buy for the girls has 95%.

It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say I was shocked.

And just in passing…I noticed that Argos is moving in March. This also comes as a bit of a shock.

Moving to Sainsbury’s, apparently

It will leave a big gap in the street when it’s gone.

And just to show what a ghastly grim day it was today, here’s a photo looking down the Borough.

It was an excellent day to stay indoors.

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  1. mum cook says:

    What a shame about Suzy still like me all getting older. Put me right of ham I wont know Farham high st losing this shop gaining another one. love mum xxxxxx


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