Deep breaths

Today was pretty much full of nothing, mainly because Denise was trying to shake her cold. Well, I say nothing but poor Bob was dragged across the muddy countryside. The countryside is muddy enough this time of the year but it was made quadruply more so because of the torrential rain. And I know about the torrential rain because I walked up to Farnham in it.

Denise suggested that I waited for the rain to stop but, as I told her, if you did that every time it rained in this country, you’d never leave the house. Besides, I had a raincoat, a leather hat and walking boots. I was fine. A bit wet below the thighs but fine none-the-less.

Sarina and Leah seemed genuinely pleased to see me but then that is their job. They both had lovely Christmases but were a bit jealous that I went to Florence. Though they did crow about the snow.

And, yes, it did snow here two days ago. Denise noted there was some yet-to-melt snow on the extension roof yesterday and I spotted an ex-snowball by the path walking back from Farnham.

Soon to be slush

But mostly today was about the girls. They seemed to have managed the kennels without a problem (the first time for Freya) though the woman told Mirinda that they did seem to attract an inordinate amount of mud. I saw the evidence of this when they all came home after tramping across the muddy fields near Frensham. They were happy then not so happy as I launched them into the laundry sink for the inevitable saturating.

Eventually all was well and they were clean and, in Freya’s case, fluffy. The reason Freya was so fluffy is because she sat on Denise’s lap for ages being pampered with a towel and a brush. It was like her own visit to the beauty parlour. Emma, on the other hand, dried off because I kept throwing her ball up the corridor and she just ran around after it.

By the time we went to bed, they were both more than happy to curl up in safety and security, things being back to the way they should be.

As for Denise’s cold…she was much better for following the advice of Dr Bob. She isn’t sure about the “take deep breaths” advice but the stay indoors and do nothing seemed to help enormously.

We had pork and fennel for dinner, finishing with a small glass of my pistachio-cello which has to be one of the nicest liqueurs I’ve ever tasted.

I told them the rest was for me.

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  1. mum cook says:

    A lovely slow day was had by all you need one of them now and again, the dogs look all fluffy and clean which I am sure they love. Hope Denise gets rid of her cold before she flies home not to good with a cold. I had a lovely day with Jaxon and Maddie on Friday she is Kelly all over again a bundle of joy but a pest love her to bits, and Jaxon earnt his self some wages he tidy all my little dolls up out side so gave him some money in an envelope as his wages he was so excited hasn’t got it yet as Kel had to go home but she told him about it. love mum xxxx


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