It was raining this morning as I chatted to mum and dad, telling them about Sarah Jane Adlam. I looked out the back door, peering at the remaining bluebells I didn’t transplant. That’s the other thing I did yesterday, apart from genealogy.

Mirinda isn’t too keen on how the bluebells are all over the place rather than forming a big clump of blue. They were planted by some previous owner of the house so I can’t be blamed for that. And so, yesterday, I started moving them to beneath the hedge, all clumped together. If they manage to survive, they’ll look really good. I repeat IF they survive.

Anyway, I managed to move half of them. It was quite an intensive operation, particularly working between the roots of the hedge. Which is why I only managed half. I fully intended to transplant the second half today but the weather intervened.

So, having been thwarted, I decided to start stripping the corridor wall of wallpaper (also put up by a previous house owner, this time with no taste) in preparation for painting it sage green. Anyone who has stripped well applied wallpaper, will understand why I didn’t finish in a day. I managed to make a huge mess and remove the paper from two ‘panels’. It feels like I’ve stripped an entire house.

My day was interrupted by a hairdressing appointment. There was an embarrassing quantity of grey hair peeking through. This has now been rectified by Gordon and a young girl with remarkable purple hair.

Near the hairdresser is a Peacocks (similar to Best and Less in Australia) so I popped in to look for a t-shirt for Carmen. She was asking for one rather than wear the coat all the time. She wanted something with a heavy metal band on the front and in black but I told her she’d get what she was given. I discovered that t-shirts sized for 1-6 months do not have heavy metal bands on them. The best I could do was an elephant. I’m sure Mirinda will have something to say about that.

Carmen in her new t-shirt

After seeing her face, I assured her that no-one would see her in it. She was concerned I’d put it in the blog. Please don’t tell her.

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6 Responses to Stripping

  1. Mirinda says:

    Carmen looks really weird in that pik – like a big butterball head on a teeny weeny body

  2. Mum Cook says:

    How did you make it fit her? You’re barmy. Hope you had your hair cut as well Gary Charles!!!!! love mum

  3. audrey says:

    Did you know you can hire a stripper (wallpaper one of course) it is like a steamer and well worth the money, take it from an expert. love your dogs, they look as spoilt as Leo, who now has a new lifejacket so he can go out in the boat.

  4. admin says:

    Had the job been really bad, I’d have done just that! But it’s coming off reasonably ok (and it keeps me busy).

    I SO want to see Leo in his life jacket!!!!! Bet he looks a right little sailor. And, yes, our two are totally spoilt.


  5. admin says:

    I had to cut the sleeves off but otherwise it fits perfectly. Of course I did! No point in colour without cut.


  6. Claire says:

    Carman is always beautiful however I think she is giving you an annoyed look Gary. Claire

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