And breathe

Today saw the Hassell family heading down to Southampton to spend a few nights with Uncle Pete. The plan was to leave at about 10:30 and they were only an hour out.

I went to the gym then shopped before walking home. I didn’t bother rushing, knowing they’d still be getting out of the door. I was correct.

I noticed as I walked home that the fence that blew over last week has been repaired, this time with concrete posts. A very good move though it would have been cheaper had they used them when it blew over before. Still. I also noticed that they’ve had a couple of spurs put in further along where the fence hadn’t blown over. This shores up the existing wooden posts with concrete.

Built to last…longer than wood

Back at home there was a lot of packing (or jamming) things in bags and squashing them into the car but, eventually, it all worked and we waved our visitors farewell as they headed south. They don’t hit the high seas for a few days but they will be staying quite close to the docks so they can acclimatise a bit…

The puppies were suddenly engulfed in silence as the house returned to normal.

The rest of the day consisted of working for Mirinda who was rather pleased to once more have access to her library, and washing for me…though I did indulge in a rather necessary granny nap late in the day.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Check not so much granny nap.


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