Shopping follies

There will be no European Capital of Culture in the UK. UK bidding cities are upset. The EU organises and awards the city that wins. Brexit means we won’t be in Europe so why do people think they can still be part of this? They voted to get out then complain because they want to be in. Chickens roosting, I think.

On a much more pleasant note…have you ever seen a bulldog chase a greyhound? It’s very funny and highly recommended. I watched one this morning on the way home from the shops.

The greyhound would sprint away and the bulldog would huff and puff after it. The greyhound would then circle back and run a few rings around the bulldog which would stand in the middle of the circle and take a bit of a breather. Then the greyhound stopped and looked, waiting for the bulldog to get its breath back. Then it happened all over again.

I have to say, the bulldog was not giving up and the greyhound was thoroughly enjoying itself.

A bit like our two who see just about anything as an opportunity to enjoy themselves. Except for guarding the house, a chore that Emma takes very seriously.

It’s probably a good thing she wasn’t sitting on the sill last night because it was very windy and rattly. Fortunately our fences remained standing but luck was not so good for one house that backs onto the park.

I remember a number of year ago this house suffered the same thing when a big wind blew their fence over. I guess this just shows that concrete posts are a better option than wood.

Of course, while our fences survived, the terrace was once more inundated with leaves and twigs which meant I was back out there with broom, shovel and wheelbarrow. There’s not many leaves left so I’ll not be doing it for much longer.

In the late afternoon I had a visit from the wonderful Zoi (pronounced Zoe) who was here to quote on decorating the library. I hope her quote is acceptable because she was brilliant…and the dogs fell in love with her without any prompting, something that rarely happens.

In one more bit of stupidity, who’s clever idea was it to put the shopping trolleys outside Waitrose behind bars? It’s just going to cause mayhem with only one person at a time is able to go in and grab a trolley. Sometimes a change is not for the good.

Dumb, dumb, dumb

And talking about leaves…at least I don’t have this many each morning…

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    I kept saying to Emma its over here but she couldn’t hear me haha Yes I am glad you don’t have as this many leaves to sweep up, She looks good sitting on the window sill.
    love mum xxxxx


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