Standing alone

David Cassidy died today. He had cancer and had been admitted to hospital last week. Who didn’t like the Partridge Family? It was simple escapism that will never fail to raise a smile.

He was only 67. From what I’ve heard he was a lovely chap, full of life and willing to enjoy it to the hilt. Shame.

It’s a pity about ‘shame’ especially when it comes to other people having none.

There’s a set of ‘etiquette rules’ at the gym. It consists of various things like not hogging the machines during busy periods, returning equipment to where it belongs and wiping down the machines after use. (I’ve noticed there’s quite a number of people ignore the latter and I can only assume that they don’t sweat at all.)

Another rule is about the use of mobile phones. It quite clearly states that they shouldn’t be. Phone calls are not encouraged. Obviously people use their phones for music and, in my case at least, video but actually making a call is seen as bad form.

There’s a guy who I see quite often. He works out hard. He races between machines, grunting louder than Sharapova, giving his body a right old work out. It’s difficult not to notice him when he’s there. If anything you hear him long before you see him.

Well, today his phone went off and he took a phone call. It was something to do with the delivery of something to someone who was being a bit adamant. Of course I only heard one part of the conversation (I don’t listen to music so am open to every noise made in the gym) but things seemed a bit desperate. The guy rang off and then made three phone calls trying to sort it all out. He was on the phone for about 20 minutes.

To be fair, he stayed in the weight lifting area for most of his conversations but at one stage he did walk right through the middle of the gym in order to go to the desk and ask for a pen and paper to write something down. It would appear that he sorted the problem out – he was still on the phone when I left.

I didn’t write the above as a moan because it didn’t really bother me (not like people taking phone calls in so-called Quiet Carriages) but rather to point out how etiquette seems to have gone out the window as far as mobile phones are concerned. It amazes me that people are always available, regardless of where they are or who they are with. It’s like the phone becomes far more important than anyone else.

It also occurred to me that going to gym should be about the mind as well as the body and stopping to conduct some sort of business on the phone is hardly conducive to a healthy mind.

But, enough of that…as well as sweeping and high pressure spraying the terrace today, I also built four little stands for four little dolls who were having problems standing up.

Not dolly gravestones

The day was very windy, making it difficult to stand up as a human, let alone a doll…or a puppy. Plus, keeping the leaves together long enough to take down to the leaf trap was tricky but, helped by quite a bit of cursing and cussing, I managed it. Freya was a help as well with her constant squirrel chasing and strange gremlin growls at any leaves brave enough to blow her way.

By the end of the day, the doll stands were dry and I was able to shove the sticks up their butts. They all seemed to be adequately pleased with the result.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    The dolls look great I guess they are Miranda’s you are a clever old thing making stands.
    I think phones should be turned off at the gym . love mum xxxx


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