Little licky witch

Halloween always makes me think about the way America commercialises everything. I guess the US is the capital of capitalism so it makes sense from that point of view. But I can’t help wonder why it’s so all pervasive. Halloween is the perfect example of this sort of viral spreading.

It started here (Halloween, I mean) but as All Hallows Eve. There was no sweets or little kids being herded around the streets begging for them just gangs of youths beating up anyone silly enough to be abroad in the dark. US corporations realised they were missing a trick so they decided to step in and monetise it.

Whoever came up with the idea of buying lots of chocolates and sweets has to have been a right genius. I put them up there with the person who suggested taking an olive out of each jar. I assume it was someone working for a sweet company.

The irritating bit is that it has now spread out from the US and returned here and now parents dress up their kids and send them out begging. And if criticised, parents tend to maintain that it is all harmless and the kids enjoy it. It’s the brainwashing that is especially annoying.

When I returned from the shops this morning, I saw Gail (from next door) who suggested I dress the girls up for Halloween and wander the streets with them. I thought that was a bit weird and said that it was “…never gonna happen!” She then said that she loved Halloween; that she’d enjoyed it when she lived in the States. I was most surprised at that because she does seem to be the sort of person who has always lived in our street.

Anyway, when I told Mirinda, she liked the idea of the girls dressed up as little witches, saying that Freya would be a little licky witch. I told Mirinda that it was “…never gonna happen!” as well and left it at that…though I did think it was a great post title.

Speaking of Freya, I did think she’d finished being in heat but a black lab called Toby soon disillusioned me by being ridiculously interested in her trouser area. Freya was also a little bit too interested in his. I picked her up lickety split.

Walking in the park, we managed to avoid most other dogs (apart from Toby) by wandering through the copses rather than out in the open too much. While walking through one, I spotted my favourite tree has been amended somewhat.

You probably can’t see it from the photo above but the vines growing up it have been cut off lower down, killing off the growth. It now looks quite eerie. Of course it’s to protect the tree. And it looks nicely surreal.

Closer look at the vines

While we did keep to the woods for most of our walk, we couldn’t completely avoid the Avenue of Trees…

Avenue of Trees

…nor would we want to.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    We have all that Halloween stuff here as you know not that it was when you and the girls were very young, I keep my door closed and the light outside off. Shayron told me to do that. That tree is very weird and creepy would hate to see it in the dark. The Avenue still looks lovely. Love mum xx


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