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Queen Victoria was the first known person to shorten the word ‘photograph’ to ‘photo.’ She wrote it in a letter. Who knew?

To celebrate, here’s a photo I took in Farnham this morning. Note the beautiful sky and complete lack of any royalty.

On Long Garden Walk

Today Gardener Dave (and Sam) started the Shed Eradication Project. Part one involved getting rid of as much rubbish as possible. Next time they’ll bring Rosie to get rid of the actual shed. As it was, the van was full by the time they’d finished. Part two will see the shed gone for good.

The reason the shed is going is because it is rotten and subsequently leaks. It was the roof I was fixing a number of years ago when I broke my wrist. That incident led to my being banned from climbing ladders. The shed has just slowly and surely destroyed itself since then. Besides, Mirinda wants a greenhouse on the same spot.

Gardener Dave (and Sam) also fixed the fence post between us and Neighbour Dave. It had rotted at the base and needed either replacing or shoring up with a spike. It was a lot easier and cheaper to insert the spike…so it was spiked. It will now no longer flap about in the merest breath of wind.

They also swept up the ton of leaves from the Garden of One Thousand Yaps and the terrace so there’d be room for the next lot to fall. We made sure they put the dead leaves in the leaf trap this time.

They didn’t get a chance to plant the lavender or the tulips.

Still waiting

Though Mirinda miscalculated and we’ll need a few more anyway. I’ll plant them up next weekend.

And that wasn’t all. I planted a clematis as well as supplying water pipes for two other existing climbers. It was a very productive day.

We still have roses!

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Those rose’s look very pretty so when I do come over I have lost my job of sweeping the terrace to Dave and his offsider oh well I will watch in a chair with my eye on them lol. Yes I remember that about the shed and you falling off. Love mum xxxxx


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