The return of Hygge

The clocks went back an hour in the early hours of this morning. While this is a return to dark evenings and rapidly shortening days, it’s also a return to hygge. It’s our time to draw into the warmth and cuddleness of the house. And so the table cloth is once more spread onto the table, the flickering icicle lights are hung and the candles are retrieved from under the kitchen counter.

Comfort food is also the order of the day and to celebrate it, I prepared a Persian Feast for dinner.

Hygge menu

I decided to use Sabrina Ghayour’s Feasts recipe book and selected a range of different dishes to spread a bit of variety through the meal. I also started prep as soon as I returned from the shops. The aubergine rolls, for a start, I prepared well ahead of the game.

There was a bit of switching ingredients to make the meal lo-carb but I don’t think it harmed anything. (Actually using pork scratchings instead of breadcrumbs for the halloumi was anything but a flavour reduction.)

Not that I spent the entire day in the kitchen. There was a brief foray into the garden as I moved a few plants around. The broom went into the burnt out conifer pot, the yarrow returned to the hot border and one of the peonies to the hole from where had grown the yarrow.

But, to be fair, I DID spend a lot of time today in the preparation of fine tasting food.

Aubergine rolls

And the verdict from my number one food taster and harshest critic (after me, of course) was that it was the best meal I’ve ever made. That’s very high praise given how many meals I’ve cooked. I have to admit, though, that it was terribly delicious and even the presentation was pretty good – not something I’m that good at.

And so, with a raise of the glass and candle, we welcome the cold and darkness of Wintertime Britain from the warmth of our Hygge Home…while we hang out for British Summertime to start up again.

Cheers, Hygge dinner

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Table looks great , doesn’t matter what time of the year here its never cold. I would have tried that dinner and probably enjoyed it pick yourself up hahaha.
    love mum xxxxxxx


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