Early walks

I had a Haslemere Talking Newspaper today so the dogs had an early jaunt in the park.

Gloomy morn

The trouble with going early is that a lot of others do the same. I guess it’s the before work thing. Anyway, it’s a bit annoying when Freya is in heat because there’s so many more males to avoid. But we managed. Even Wilbur, the Cockerpoo That Isn’t.

We see Wilbur a lot with his female owner but today it was his male owner instead. He asked about the girls and I told him that they really were cockerpoos. He looked confused until I explained that I see his wife at lunchtimes and I’ve heard all about Wilbur and his breed confusion.

As interesting as a combination of Freya and Wilbur’s genes might be, we managed to avoid any chance of finding out.

Back at home, I changed the bed and cleaned the bathroom before heading out.

The weather continues to be warm (though not sunny today) so I was once more in shorts and t-shirt. This caused a lot of surprise at Starbucks. There were a few cries of “Aren’t you cold?” and “You’re mad, Gary.” Still, it was better than arriving at Talking News all hot and sweaty.

On the way to FATN

Talking News went pretty smoothly (Christine, one of my favourite readers, had me in fits today) and I was soon heading home via the shops and another latte.

I forgot to mention the catastrophe that occurred earlier in the week.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it but Emma has taken to sitting on the window sill (like Carmen and Day-z once did). She’s normally as good as gold, only yapping when it’s absolutely necessary.

On Tuesday, however, someone was standing just the other side of the brick wall talking. This upsets Emma a lot. It’s not too bad if people just move by but when they hang around she feels like she has to just tell them off until they do. And that’s what she did.

I was in the bathroom putting colour in my hair when I heard an almighty crash. I knew what it was immediately because it’s something I’ve been half expecting. In her excitement, Emma had knocked our favourite vase off the window sill and covered the floor in water, flowers and shards.

Having finished the colour application, I headed downstairs to clean it up.

Rotten dog!

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Oh dear hope it wasn’t expensive. you will have to leave it off un till she gets fed up don’t think that will happened, so buy a new one put it some where else. love mum xx


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