Boss the dog?

Fats Domino died today. Another of those people that I thought was already dead. He was 89 and one of those responsible for popular music. I found out this afternoon that he didn’t write Blueberry Hill. It was first recorded by Gene Autry in 1941, long before Fats was singing. It’s just that Fats’ version was so bloody brilliant that the young of the day thought it must have been written by him.

Here’s the first recording:

And here is Fats:

I know which one I prefer.

Apart from the death of a rock and roll legend, today was all about walking. I walked to the gym then back home again. I walked the dogs to the vet and back again. I walked into town then back again. I must have walked 500 miles.

Then, of course, I walked the dogs in the park late in the day. Emma walked herself (obviously) but poor Freya had to stay on the lead because of the natural attraction of her current scent. It’s amazing how many male dogs are hot for her. Most of them were the loveliest dogs but, even so, I don’t want her having puppies by any of them.

Poor Monkey

There was also Boss, a French bulldog whose owner was a bit of a pain. He had no control over his dogs (there was another one who was a lot naughtier than Boss but I didn’t catch his name) and just kept saying “No Boss! No Boss! NO!” to absolutely no avail. Boss just did what he wanted which, basically, wasn’t very much.

You see Boss wasn’t being particularly bad. Most of the time, or so it appeared to me, he just stood on the path looking at the guy who kept saying his name. All very odd.

Though possibly not as odd as Emma’s sudden distaste for greyhounds. Today she chased one, briefly, barking and squealing in a quite offensive manner. She then started making even worse noises when the greyhound decided to chase her. She really needs to stop having these unexpected dog breed hatreds.

I also had a haircut today and, because my appointment was for 1:30, I decided to try the new Japanese restaurant for lunch. When I turned up I was quite disappointed to see it all ready for customers but locked up tight. There was a very good reason for that. It opens at 6pm every day with lunch only on Saturdays.

I went to Bill’s instead and had a lovely naked lamb burger…but it’s always disappointing when you’re expecting one ethnic meal and wind up with another.

Lunch at Bill’s

Possibly the most amazing thing today was the weather. Actually there wasn’t anything amazing EXCEPT for the weather if I am painfully honest.

The day was beautiful and blue with bright, hot sunshine all day. I reverted to shorts and a t-shirt. Hard to believe that the clocks go back on the weekend.

Glorious Autumn

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Is that a picture of your shed ? it looks tidy why are you getting rid of it. love mum loved Fats but dad sung it the best xx


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