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Today it just rained. All day just about. I did manage to miss most of it but even so, it drizzled on the way to the gym, it drizzled while waiting for the bus afterwards and it drizzled when I left Waitrose and walked home. I should have said I missed the heavy rain because I sure managed to collect a lot of moisture.

In the scheme of things it didn’t mean a lot to me but the puppies were a bit miserable in that they didn’t get a walk. I know other dog owners are better than I am and take them out in all weather…but not me. I prefer them to be warm and dry and ready to cuddle.

So, we spent the day inside. Also I was expecting a couple of people to pick up some Freecycle stuff. As it was, one of them didn’t turn up. I don’t know why but I’ll probably have to relist the amplifier and speakers. And I thought he sounded really interested.

Mind you, the lull-filled day did give me an opportunity to write my entry for the local short story competition.

It was announced back in August and closes next week so, naturally, I’ve left it until the week before. Though, to be fair, I did start one a few weeks ago. Then I stopped because it wasn’t really going anywhere. Then I just, basically, forgot.

I started again today. And I finished it and sent it off.

The thing is, the word limit was a very strict 1,000 only. While this is an easily written amount of words, it’s not so easy developing things like character, plot, twist, etc.

It took a few goes, a few false starts, but eventually I had something I thought was okay. I read through it and made some subtle changes when the word count was above the 1,000 limit. Eventually, when I sent it, I had made it to 999 words.

The word thing sounds a bit technical and not what a short story should depend on and, to be fair, I didn’t really think about it other than keeping it short and concise. It does make it easy to read the short stories I guess. You see, it’s open to anyone with an Internet connection. That could mean a LOT of 1,000 word short stories.

As Stephen King says, write what you know. So I did.

It’s called The One True God and I’m quite pleased with it.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    I anjoyed it to and will you please email it to me so I can read it for my self as you read it to fast. love mum xx

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