Usually, of a Sunday, Mirinda takes the girls for a ramble while I am stuck, glued to the kitchen, preparing our Sunday dinner. Sunday tends to be something big and it takes a while so I can’t go with them. This week, however, we left after lunch meaning I COULD go with them.

And we went to Crondall.

Crondall is a village just over the Hampshire border and a place we’ve visited many times, mostly to see their open gardens. Mirinda found a few walking routes there and has been dying to show me. And I now know why.

Crondall farmland

I do love a walk that takes us through farmland, by fields recently ploughed, planted or growing. Okay, it’s generally quite muddy this time of the year but even so, it’s beautiful. It even rained and we all managed to get quite wet. But it was still beautiful.

Afterwards, we sought warm refuge in All Souls church, admiring the various stages of building (started in 1170) and wondering at the Stewart tower which looks decidedly Victorian. The graveyard is a very pretty place, somewhere that would be a pleasure to pass some time away…possibly not eternity. On a lovely day, it must be very peaceful. Inside, too, the church is quite welcoming, the stained glass looking fairly recent.

Then, of course, we had to go to the pub for a quick pint.

We wanted to go to the Plume of Feathers but they hate dogs so, instead, we went to the Hampshire Arms where they love dogs.

Can we go home now? I’m damp and miserable.

It’s a lovely, welcoming and family friendly pub, the heart of the village and they have Timothy Taylor’s Landlord on tap.

Shoes with no socks? Really? Someone needs to tell this guy he looks stupid.

We were happily ensconced at a window table, taking our time, chatting when suddenly I realised what the time was. We drank up and left, my kitchen calling.

Tonight’s roast was pork with green butter and was delicious.

I shot this video in the middle of the fields and it was quite windy so it might be difficult to hear Mirinda.

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3 Responses to Countryside

  1. Mirinda says:

    And they gave the dogs a biscuit each – always a good sign

  2. Mum Cook. says:

    That was lovely and I could hear so that was good as well. Will have to go there when I come over. love mum xxxx

  3. Mum Cook. says:

    I agree with you men with shoes and no socks looks silly. xx


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