Brian the Wet

Late last night or possibly almost this morning, some buffoon thought it would be a good idea to let off a few tons of fireworks. We, and I think the majority of people in our street, were fast asleep when suddenly we were very awake as the bright lights and explosions of someone else’s inconsideration shattered everything. Okay, it was Diwali but surely the kids are in bed by the wee small hours.

By the morning there were noises of a more natural kind as Storm Brian paid us a visit. High velocity wind, torrential rain every half hour, bright blue skies either side of the rain, we had it all. Brian swept in from Ireland and kept up his kaleidoscopic antics all day. It was a lovely way for the (real) first day of Autumn to arrive.

I managed to pick the longest rain-free stretch to go shopping but, basically, it was go out, get wet, stay in stay dry. Apart from shopping, we stayed in.

That’s not exactly true. I did go out to the shed and empty it of more stuff in preparation for Gardener Dave (and Sam) to pull it down. I found stuff to put on Freecycle and within about 20 minutes, it had all gone.

Actually, there was a rather odd chap who picked some stuff up. He arrived in a little white van and asked if I had anything to take his tyre off. It had a big bulge in it (I looked and it was scarily big and bulgy) and he was worried about driving much further. He had tried his wheel removing thing but it just stripped the wheel nuts. I opened up Max and showed him we didn’t have anything quite so low tech. If we get a flat we put this stuff in the tyre and drive slowly to the nearest Mini dealership.

Possibly the oddest thing was his pronunciation of the word ‘tyre.’ His version sounded like ‘tar’ and, at first, I thought he wanted something to remove tar from his car. My initial reaction to this request was to wonder how he’d managed to get tar on his car and why I should be responsible for its removal. Fortunately I worked out he meant ‘tyre’ before I launched into any kind of tar related enquiry.

Anyway, it seemed like an odd request to make of a complete stranger who wasn’t a car mechanic, and I had to disappoint him. I wanted to explain that my car knowledge was next to zero but rather than engage for too long with him (he really was a bit odd) I suggested he drive very, very slowly to the garage up the road. He did and, hopefully, I’ll never see him again.

The other main thing I did today was make my own mayonnaise.

A while ago, Mirinda bought a jar of artisan made sun-dried tomato and basil mayonnaise which we devoured with great abandon. It was delicious. I decided I could make some so, armed with Delia (for the basic mayonnaise), I did just that. The result was a bit too salty but otherwise, delicious. Next time I’ll reduce the salt a bit. It should be noted that Delia does like her salt!

Meanwhile, in the Library, Mirinda was busy writing a report for work. Never ideal but absolutely necessary.

Brian was responsible for the poor girls not getting a walk.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Yes he was very odd just as well you didn’t have any tools as he would have got you to take it off. Why are you taking the shed down. That mayonnaies sounds delish cant wait to taste it . love mum xxxx


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