The final goodbye

Today I went up to the Science Museum, possibly for the last time. I went up to collect my books and, of course, to say goodbye to Nick at Work. As Mirinda said this morning, “It’s probably the last time you’ll ever see him.”

It’s been seven years and I’ll miss him. I think he’ll miss me as well given I’m the only one who gets his jokes and we both love chatting about all thing marine.

The last time I’ll see the NHM ice rink set up

It was over a rather bittersweet coffee that he showed me photos of his latest adventure on the Manchester Ship Canal aboard his uncle’s stream boat. It was a rather apt way to end it I thought.

One of the saddest things was handing in my pass and cryptag at security. It really did feel like the end of it all when I gave them to security guy Steve.

And so that was that.

As I walked to the 360 bus stop I thought about the changes I’d seen. The pedestrianisation of Exhibition Road, the new entrance to the V&A, the new blocks to stop vans driving on people. It just made me sadder that I won’t see any more.

All the changes in one photo

I caught a bus, getting off at Vauxhall for the short hop to Waterloo then a train home.

Nick at Work said it was the end of an era and he was quite sad about it all. I told him that was true but, for both of us, it’s the start of a new one.

While I was rather melancholy, I did cheer up when I arrived at Starbucks and found five reasons to be cheerful. Lizzy, Sarina, Christina, Victoria and Sue…to be exact.

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2 Responses to The final goodbye

  1. Dawn says:

    The end of an era but the start of a new one – definitely the best way to look at it. Hadn’t realised you’d been there so long though!

  2. Mum Cook. says:

    I thought they were staying for at least another year so how come you finished before all the others. Its a shame as I know you loved it and doing it voluntary as well maybe there might be another place closer to home. love mum xx


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