Lunch with Dawn

After the gym and after Skype, I took a very pleasant bus ride across to Haslemere to have lunch with Dawn. It was her turn so we ate at The Mill which is definitely my second favourite pub (at the moment). My favourite, of course, is the Nelson Arms in Farnham.

The day looked a bit gloomy but the rain held off until I was back in the bus on the way home. Mind you, while it looked gloomy it certainly wasn’t particularly cold. I quite like this balmy late Summer though clearly it won’t last. I mean Autumn is only four days away.

Whenever we have lunch, Dawn and I seem to just talk non-stop. Subjects change, speaker changes, the whole shebang. It’s quite unlike anyone else I meet up with. That’s just one of the reasons why I love having Lunch with Dawn. Another is because she reckoned my beard made me look sexy.

Given I’m so shallow, this is quite dangerous. I remember years ago Lisa (a nomad actor) told me I looked sexy in black skinny leg jeans and I wore black skinny leg jeans for years afterwards.

But it wasn’t just about beards. Lunch was also very good. I had the fishcake while Dawn had one of the veggie options which was a sort of vegetable curry and rice. Both meals were lovely. Of course the beer was 6X which is definitely one of the best things about The Mill.

Dawn: This bar is very high!
Gary: It’s to keep the little people away.

Dawn filled me in on all the important things like how Basil is doing (very well considering his age and various medical issues), how much hair is collected in the boy’s shower in their house (vast quantities) and the ridiculous amount of money it costs to see something in the Natural History Museum collection (too much…particularly when it might not be what you want to see).

All in all, it was a lovely hour (or so) before I was back on the bus going home.

Don’t you think I’m sexy?

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2 Responses to Lunch with Dawn

  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Sorry no doesn’t appeal to me at all but I have never liked beads or mo’s only Uncle Wal.s I was bought up knowing his. Dawn is still the same did you give her my hello. It is good to meet now and again keep up with all the news.
    Love mum

  2. Dawn says:

    That’s maybe not the best angle. He did give me your message, thanks Mum Cook – hope he gave you mine back. Must admit I’m not a fan of moustaches AT ALL.


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