Saharan skies

The worst storm to hit the UK in, like, forever! Hurricane Ophelia hit Ireland and caused all sorts of serious damage. There were three fatalities (two from trees falling on cars and the third from someone chainsawing a tree that had fallen) and around 200,000 homes were without electricity.

While Ireland suffered under the onslaught, here in Surrey it was quite windy but the over riding effect was the sky. In London it was bright orange (“It’s because of Donald Trump” quipped a Tweet on my feed) while here it just looked quite surreal.

A few people in the park were hurrying home from their doggie walks in order to beat the rain…which never came. This included a mad old woman who said I looked like both my dogs. She stated that I shared hair colour with Emma and beard colour with Freya. I thought that was bit harsh though her daughter claimed that that explained why she had a black greyhound…because she was a tall, leggy brunette.

This was after lunch. The morning had been spent with Gardener Dave and his young assistant, Sam. They had a couple of big jobs this week.

Along the path Mirinda wants a line of lavender so a bed was required. This was Major Job #1. And it looks fantastic, if somewhat naked. As soon as we get some lavender, it’ll look even better.

Freya Inspection

Major Job #2 was increasing the Former Residence of Xun Ma. The cistus and the Mexican orange blossom bushes have been very successful but were overhanging the bed and encroaching on the grass. For this reason, Mirinda wanted the bed widened a bit. Again, it looks excellent…though empty.

Actually it only looks empty because after they’d gone, I shoved a whole load of daffodil bulbs in there. I also put a lot more in the front garden, in front of the jasmine. There’s going to be a lot of daffs next spring!

The other really important thing I did today was make my Christmas cake. I know it’s a month later than I normally like to do it but given I spent September in France, I figure it’s allowed. And Delia says that you can get away with six weeks as a minimum so I’ll be fine.

And the reason the sky was so orange? Ophelia brought with her a load of sand from the Sahara.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    I wont know the garden by the time I come out again, but it will be lovely, whats that white hunging on the fence. And also is that a ball or a apple laying on the ground. Love Mum xxxxxxx


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