Still not a normal Sunday

We’re still hanging out to have an actual complete weekend together. Since returning from Provence, it’s just not happened at all.

This weekend looked like being The One but then a very important meeting popped up first thing on Monday morning so Mirinda decided to go to the flat tonight to avoid any possible problems with the trains. She left at 16:10 while I took the girls to the park for a late wander.

Puppies in the park

Obviously it wasn’t my first view of the park today. First thing I went up to town to buy food for lunch. I’d offered Japanese but Mirinda really fancied roast lamb and so it was. Because she was leaving for town, we decided to have a traditional Sunday lunchtime roast…though without the usual ‘traditional’ unhealthy trappings.

Walking back from the shops

Apart from shopping and cooking, I spent quite a bit of time creating more citation entries for Mirinda while she worked on her DBA. I also deciphered the stuff she needs to do for the university in order to complete her thesis. Talk about involved! There’s a lot of data protection concerns as well as ownership, etc. but we managed to plough through it all and work out what needs to be done.

Mirinda also took me through what I need to get the gardeners to do tomorrow. Because she won’t be here, it’s all in my hands. That’s rather scary. By the end of our instructional, I had a detailed list of 13 things.

Back to today…lunch was delicious and, after another episode of Star Trek Discovery (superb), Mirinda left and I took the girls up to the park.

Autumn evening

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    That’ s nice roast Lamb, havn’t had it for ages home cooked I mean. the grass looks so nice and green we were so dry here our grass was brown after a week of rain its nice and green. Love mum xxxxxxx


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