Careful! Children running!

Overheard in Waitrose:

8 YEAR OLD: Mum? Mum? Mum? How will we know where to go? Mum? MUM! MUM! How will we know where to go, mum? How?
MUM: It’s Farnham Park, darling, how hard can it be to find?
8YO: Not the park! I know where the park is, mum! No. How will we know where to run? In the race, mum? How will we know? Mum? Mum? Mum? MUM! MUM! How will we know?
MUM: I don’t know. Probably someone will tell you.

I was going to tell the impatient boy that the Farnham Park cross country race is set out between little plastic flags stuck in the ground but I was called forward to be served. So I didn’t. I know this because it happens every year and the park is dotted with the little plastic flags of red and yellow. Then, at the ‘off’ the park is full of yelling parents and running kids.

The other thing that the cross country race is characterised by is the fact that hordes of families swarm across Castle Street and into the park, heading for the Castle where these sort of things tend to begin. It’s definitely a good day to avoid the park.

After shopping, I skirted the park, avoiding thousands of tiny creatures darting this way and that.

I’ve just realised that while I’ve posted various meals we serve at Chez Gaz, they are generally just dinners. Lunch is also about lo-carb and health. Generally (though not always) it’s salad. That’s not to say boring salad by any means. I try and make them different and varied. For instance, I was quite pleased with today’s which I call my pepper steak and cheese with tomato and basil mayonnaise.

But before lunch we went up to the garden centre to check out the trees. We need to replace the now extinct cherry and want something that has already started growing.

Late in the day, Mirinda took the girls up to Crondall while I stayed home to prepare dinner (pork with fennel) and in order for Emma to have an FSI. Bloody dog. And she had the nerve to get upset with me for giving her a bath!

We eventually settled down to the new Star Trek series, Discovery. It really is very, very good.

Mirinda has now, finally, been published. A few copies of the journal arrived on Friday and here’s the front cover. It’s a jolly good read, full of thrills and spills and comic moments of pure genius…

The sentence preceding the photo may not be completely accurate.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    A bit hard to read Mirinda book will have to wait till i get over there.
    Love mum xxxx


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