First thing Mirinda and I left the house as far as the park when she turned left to work while I went right to the gym.

I had a good solid work out, feeling pretty good afterwards, then continued on, into town for a Starbucks and shop before heading back home.

At home it was a lot of admin as well as setting up our new printer. The old printer died just before I went away with the Weasels. Because I knew I’d forget it wasn’t working, I left a note on it saying “Fix this before using!” It was very irritating though possibly not as irritating as not being able to fix it. I ordered a new one and it turned up today.

It’s white and very pretty.

It also prints…well, now that I’ve set it up it does. Trust me to get one that needs a lot of fussing and fiddling. Fortunately I quite like that so it’s not exactly wasted time.

The admin was basically paying people and forwarding emails…that sort of thing.

In the afternoon (after taking the girls for a walk, of course) I planted some flox in the Day-z Bed as well as some more daffodils ready for next spring. There must be close to a thousand dotted around now.

While they wait for spring, the park is starting to go all autumn.

A grime old day

Though it’s not at all cold. Well, for me, anyway. It was cold but it’s now slightly warmer.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Wow what a grand printer very nice. the grass looks lovely that was the last walk I had before I came home. love mum xxxx


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