Lorna, the plum bolter

The man from Mutual Plums was in the house this morning. His assessment of the damage to our vessel was commensurate on repairs carried out by Bosun Bedford. The lock, meanwhile remained unscathed.

After heading into the almost sleepy Sunday morning that was Buzet, John and I celebrated the discovery of a public convenience by using it with great delight. We then bought many pastry delights and bread for our chicken lunch.

Shortly after the 9 o’clock bell, we set off towards the double locks at Larderet where the aforementioned collision took place.

Weasels leapt into action, affecting running repairs and generally showing how handy rodents can be. While it delayed us an hour, we were soon under way again in search of a drill with a very small bit.

A most exciting mid air fight between a red kite and a feisty crow. The crow won.

We stopped for a glorious cheese and chicken lunch by the bridge to Serignac, the smallest bastide town I’ve ever seen. I know because after lunch we headed in to buy cheese and wine…just because.

Actually, the wine was an investment towards our future delight.

Or so John said and he knows these things given he’s a director of Mutual Plums.

In the bastide is a twisty towered church which had us all aquiver somewhat with Bevalina pointing and clicking at every little bit of stuff that looked even remotely out of place.

I rather liked the Joan in the corner to be honest but that’s probably because of John’s Joan of Arc reincarnation theory.

Laden with cheese and wine, we headed back up the canal until we reached the flight of four locks that culminated in the most amazing sight of WA17 so far: the magnificent Agen aqueduct.

We then found somewhere to stop for the night by the bridge beside a massive insect hotel.

For entertainment, we watched a young French boy (3ish) racing down a hill on his super small push bike to great cheers from us.

Tonight was our first pirate night.

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4 Responses to Lorna, the plum bolter

  1. Mum Cook. says:

    ITS A pity someone didn’t take you as a pirate i would like to have seen you. who was the one with all the hair. Funny. love mum xxxxxx

  2. Lindy says:

    At least I am now not the only one with a “bump” on my vehicle! Gorilla glue fills any holes – and a bit more!

  3. Mirinda says:

    That lock looks amazing. And I’ve no doubt you were the most convincing pirate. After all you’re newspaper boy trained.

  4. Mirinda says:

    I like the insect hotel.
    I want one


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