WA17 is finally here

And so it’s back to France for me as I start the journey that will be Weasels Afloat 2017. It’s hard to believe that the last time we did it was in 2010. I’m hoping WA17 will be a lot better.

Given I was heading to Battle first up, I had a long train journey to endure. Well, a couple actually. It also meant leaving the house at 4:30 with two confused puppies who’d already been for a walk but were delirious for another.

I dropped them with Sue and headed for the bus stop. And there was an extra spring in my step because today, being weigh in Wednesday was full of good news. My weight had finally gone sub 80kg!

79.2 is superb particularly after two weeks in France and only three days in the gym. I was well stoked… With apologies for stealing words from the 1980’s.

Lindy met me at Battle station and dropped me at Chez Platt for the evening meal of cheese, crackers and garlic bread, all washed down with a beer and vast quantities of red wine which Jon was more than happy to help consume. I was reminded of Naples.

There was a lot of reminiscing over various other weasel adventures and silly talk mostly around bottoms.

Following a small liquor (or two in some cases) bed claimed us all ahead of the early morning start.

Apparently I am keeping the captain’s log which has become the captain’s blog. There is a log from WA10 though I don’t remember it. Hopefully WA17 will be memorable for all the right reasons.

So far it’s shaping up very, very well.

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2 Responses to WA17 is finally here

  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Good start have fun all you WEASELS and don’t get boat sick love Mum xxxxxx

  2. shirlee moss says:

    I bet it doesn’t stay under 80 during WA17…

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